Day One – 2019 #MCSMN Annual Conference

Today was the first day of our Annual Conference. 2 keynote and 4 breakout sessions occurred for a day filled with great content and opportunities to learn.

Below are some key takeaways from the various sessions. You can view more insights from the day (and join in tomorrow!) on Twitter by searching #MCMSN.

Keynote: SuperHumans - The Coming Age of Doctors, Patients and Other Human Beings by Dr. Bryan Vartabadian

  • Technology, reductionism, and industrialization have dehumanized healthcare, as it is mediating or driving our interaction with patients.
  • This occurred as medicine transitioned from being human-driven to machine-driven in the early 21st Century.
  • Reimagine our human future - We've undersold humanity, oversold technology and we are going to most likely land in the middle, going from the Post-Human age to the SuperHuman age by prioritizing human needs.
  • Physicians will not be replaced but radically redefined as they will require a very high level of emotional intelligence
  • When we add our unique human qualities, we will have the ability to transcend what technology can provide.

The Marketer's Role in Populations Health Initiatives by Kate Gilmore and Dan Dunlop

  • Population health must consider socio-economic factors to impact health.
  • Community programs working together to accomplish change is key as many health issues can't be solved in the doctor's office
  • Keys to success are Influencer support, amplify your message with social media, and continue to build the community by bringing everyone together. Also establish a common vision, develop a sustainability plan and measure progress.

From Nothing to Something: Executing a Social Media Strategy for Nursing Research by Angela Fritsche

  • Social media is a highly effective way to reach the relatively small pool of nurse scientists, who want to seek out new career opportunities and stay updated on research developments – but often don’t have easy access to information.
  • Keeping it simple and easy for Mayo’s nurse scientists was key. Explaining the “why”, providing training resources, assisting with the first few posts, and showing successful examples of professional accounts helped early adopters feel more comfortable getting started on social.
  • Using social to recruit research subjects for clinical trials is a potential future application.

Community & Collaboration: Building a Cohesive Culture Inside and Out - Jess Lewis and Jenn Shafer

  • TriHealth has internal (led by Jess) and external (led by Jenn) social media channels. Their accounts for employees are public and anyone can follow them, but the content is created for an audience of employees. 
  • TriHealth relies on community partnerships to meet their patient populations where they are and show that they care. 
  • People trust their friends. Word of mouth is the most important form of marketing, so TriHealth employees, called team members, are completing training and then the organization will make social media platforms available to staff on their internal networks. 
  • TriHealth uses social media to engage employees by thanking them for their volunteerism and compassion. By balancing their position as a source of truth and showcasing their culture, they connect with both employees and patients. 

Talks with Docs: Humanizing Faculty Through Video by Jonathan Martinez

  • Don't reinvent the wheel, access what you already have through warm invitations to a diverse group of physicians.
  • Videos with faculty can bring the personality of the doctor to the community which can result in engagement, improving the institutional and personal brand.
  • Seek out all opportunities that could be possible with anything you create.
  • Make it conversational, keeping it comfortable for them as well as you.

Putting Customers at the Center of Your Digital Strategy by Chris Boyer

Three-point framework for digital strategy:

  • Know your customers (and their needs/behaviors). Empathy mapping is a great tool for doing this.
  • Understand their online journey, which is a non-linear way to map how consumers engage with your brand.
  • Align your marketing technology “stack” (aka tools).

Engineering Efficacy for Small Teams by Rob Zanin

  • The WellStar team is using a flexible framework to help them dial into goals and chip away at real business objectives.
    • Starting with business objectives, SMART Goals are established.
    • CSFs (Critical Success Factors), coupled with agile strategies and tactics
    • KPIs – rates (change over time) to track progress. This is where business objectives and social media strategy overlap.
    • Monthly Metrics – marketing channel traffic, % social referrals against previous period.
    • Measures and other inputs.
  • Do you know your company’s brand position? Brand positions are usually only shared internally and should be applied to everything you do. 
  • How does your content align with your target audiences? What learning pathways are they giving you on social?
  • Play jazz. Start putting things together and see what sounds good. Have jam sessions you’re your clinicians, business leaders, patients, community – and especially your detractors. Don’t punish new ideas that fail!

Patient Panel: What do Patients Want to Know? Ask Us... Anything

  • Patients need someone to talk to
  • Every story is different and giving a platform to that story helps the storyteller as well as others.
  • Organizations can help patients by very intentionally is showing they care
  • Present avenues for support everywhere and anywhere
  • Patients learn from health organizations but health organizations can also learn from patients.

Evidence-based Social Media: How to Support Your Organization on the Internet Without Selling Your Soul by Jen Rittenhouse

  • A project brief is important to help keep you on track as you revolutionize your social media policy and keep your goals on the top of your mind.
  • Have a spirit of experimentation and be unafraid of failure
  • Follow a process with your strategy and stick to it.
  • Create parameters you can trust
  • Reward positive behavior on social media and it will continue

The Public Physician Workshop - Practical Wisdom for Mastering your Online Reputation by Dr. Bryan Vartabedian

  • Begin by defining your purpose for being online, seeing how you look online, finding a mentor, and shaping your map (how you want to look).
  • Public profiles on social media are fundamental to your digital footprint.

Young Adult Cancer Caregiver's Use of Social Media for Social Support and Information by Echo Warner

  • Young adults use social media to improve social support, garner feelings of trust, establish and maintain relationships and to seek information
  • Social media is an important part of the caregiving experience for young adults, and it contributes to the stress and coping social support
  • Recognize that having a face-to-face interaction can improve social support for YACCs on social media.
  • Listen to our patients and caregivers. Ask them what we can do to enhance their social support.

Leveraging International Social Networks: A Weibo Case Study (China) by Emily Hiatt

  • China has an entirely different regulatory, financial, end-use, and technological environment than the US. To communicate with patients and consumers in China, Mass General and other health care organizations must operate within the constraints of that environment – and use different platforms, including Weibo (similar to Twitter).
  • Start with the platform you’re most familiar with, and begin reaching out to international audiences there. From there, bring in an expert to advise on communications norms and content.
  • Hyperlocal hot topics, important national or health awareness days, and well-packaged health tips perform well on Weibo – not simply translating English-language content.

Capturing Moments in Your Hospital by David Henke and Ashley Lawson

  • By focusing on the moments taking place in the hospital, the social media team aimed to welcome people into their environment with open arms and full transparency.
  • A “moment” is a compelling, compassionate, illuminating, authentic and universal human interest story that connects to your brand. Moments are:
  • Return on Community (ROC): How is your content helping you foster online and real-world communities?
  • Return on Partnerships (ROP): How is your content helping you develop or elevate your partnerships?

Debate: RESOLVED: Facebook's disregard for user privacy compels responsible hospitals to abandon the platform

  • Facebook has not handled our data properly.
  • We should use Facebook in order to meet our patients where they are.
  • We shouldn't use Facebook for building a healthcare community.
  • View more reactions and viewpoints on Twitter with #MCMSN.
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Here are some key takeaways from the various sessions held on day one of the 2019 #MCSMN 2019 conference: #Medicine #DigitalStrategy #MayoClinic

It was an amazing day! Kudos to the speakers and everyone on the conference planning team.


This has been a wonderful event! Thank you to all who worked so hard to make it happen. #mcsmn


Great conference that I would highly recommend to others. I enjoyed meeting so many new people and learning from the best!


Thank you @drkatherineybrown @staceybiggs @lknovak19. It’s your participation that makes the conference a success. We appreciate you! Any take aways you would like to share here?


Worth…Every…Minute! Why? Networking with others in different stages of their social media journey, best practices from those who have lived it, and relevant and timely content!


Thank you @drkatherineybrown @staceybiggs @lknovak19. It’s your participation that makes the conference a success. We appreciate you! Any take aways you would like to share here?

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It is important to stay connected after the #mcsmn conference. Utilize the resources and opportunities available to continue learning and growing on your social media journey.

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