Something Bigger Than Myself

Katherine Brown selfie with Lee Aase and Cynthia Manley.
Dr. Katherine Y. Brown, Cynthia Manley and Lee Aase.

Katherine Y. Brown, Ed.D., MSEd, OTR/L champions MCSMN – “a  network of people passionate about social media.”

“When I took my position as director, communities of practice and Assistant Professor, at Meharry Medical College I was doing research on ways to engage our stakeholders and Mayo Clinic kept coming up whenever I typed in social media,” recalls Katherine Y. Brown, Ed.D.

“While I knew about social media and used several platforms consistently, I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself and tap into a network of people who were just as passionate about social media. I found that in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. No matter what I was looking for, there were experts there – and it was evidence-based.”

All in for MCSMN

That was three years ago, and since that time Dr. Brown has been all in. She attended Social Media Residency and our annual conference, then served on the conference planning committee, presented at our 2018 conference, earned her contributor badge and completed Bronze, Silver, and Gold fellowships. She applied what she learned to “make a difference in my workplace” and gave more than ten presentations to national audiences.

Earlier this year Dr. Brown hosted a mini Social Media Residency at the National Center for Medical Education Development and Research Communities of Practice Conference at Meharry Medical College, taking one of her plentiful selfies (which have earned her the affectionate title of Selfie Queen) with Lee Aase, MCSMN director, and Cynthia Manley, an MCSMN Platinum Fellow (see photo above!).

We’re pleased to announce that she has agreed to serve on our External Advisory Board.

You're among family now

Dr. Brown’s enthusiasm is contagious. Sharing a cab to an event, she encouraged a woman who was attending the conference for the first time. “Don’t be nervous,” she told her. “You’re among family now.” She was thrilled to see that the woman later blogged about the conference and meeting her. As she says, “The most important part of the word membership is member. Far too often we join things and that’s it. It’s not really a connection, but with the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network it’s a membership. Whether I’m posting or reposting we stay connected with each other. I really do love it.”

More about Dr. Brown: She wears many hats: CPR Instructor and Founder of Learn CPR America, Non-Profit Executive Director for the Roberta Baines-Wheeler Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Group, Director for Dr. Katherine Y. Brown (KYB) Leadership Academy, Certified Speaker/ Coach/ Trainer, Entrepreneur, & Consultant for Katherine Brown Consulting.

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