Join Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Team

We’re pleased to announce an opportunity for the right candidate to become a member of Mayo Clinic’s Social & Digital Innovation Team. The opening is for a Communications Specialist to be based on our Scottsdale, Ariz. campus, and serving as part of our enterprise-wide team.

See the posting for qualifications and details on the position.

In addition to being the "go to" strategic social media advisor for our Arizona staff and stakeholder, the person who fills this position will collaborate on content development and strategy for Mayo Clinic's enterprise-wide social media accounts and also will be involved in #MCSMN activities.

Spanish proficiency would be a bonus.

If this position seems like a good fit for you, we welcome your application. If not, please share this post in your social networks to help us find the best candidate.

Darn… when I read the title I thought you were looking for someone for London ;0)!

Seriously, this sounds like a dream job – I tweeted it and forwarded it to a few people on LinkedIn to amplify…


If you ever need someone based in Adelaide, South Australia….

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