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Facebook Advertising: Become an Expert

Mayo Clinic Social Media Network 2019 Annual Conference

Christy Owenby will present "Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Advertising – Become an Expert" at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network 2019 Annual Conference. To learn more from Christy and other expert speakers, please join us!

Social media has changed the way physicians and healthcare organizations are reaching patients. With over 1.59 billion people logging onto social media daily, the opportunity to increase your healthcare brand’s exposure and reach potential patients is limitless.

With social media marketing, healthcare professionals and marketers have the ability to precisely target audiences using filters such as interests, location, life events, connections, demographics, retargeting, and even an individual’s online or device behavior.

Let’s take a deeper look into how you can reach new patients and grow your practice with advertising on the most popular social media platform– Facebook.


Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world! If you haven’t been taking advantage of placing ads on Facebook, it’s time to start. Engaging content, dynamic images and videos will increase awareness, establish trust and build relationships with current and potential patients. Let’s review ways you can create a successful Facebook ad and earn a very healthy ROI.


Another advantage of Facebook ads is the ability to target hyper-local audiences by location. Why not find new patients in your area? You’ll do this inside Facebook Ads Manager by creating ads that can target a specific country, state, city, congressional district, and even zip code!

Facebook even allows you to pin a specific area (or exclude locations) for more precise geo-targeting. You are also able to reach people who are new a specific area, first-time home buyers or looking for real estate within the location area defined in your ad.


Targeting an audience based on interests is another important strategy for healthcare professionals. An audiologist may want to target Facebook users interested in American Sign Language. Pediatricians can narrow down their reach to those who like Parenting Magazine or are interested in kid activities. Plastic surgeons may target women interested in beauty and fitness. A spine surgeon may run an ad specific to users who have an interest in spine health or scoliosis. Do you see where I’m going with this? Within each medical specialty, a healthcare organization or marketer can successfully reach patients by targeting their interests.

Post Boosting

Perhaps the easiest and quickest strategy to increase visibility, reactions, shares, and comments on Facebook is called “Boosting”. Essentially, “boosting content” are ads you create from a post already on your Facebook page.

This is a terrific idea to stand out on already crowded news feeds; and boosting will give your post just what it needs to be seen – a BOOST. You can boost almost anything you want– an announcement, promotion, video or call-to-action, as long as your content complies with Facebook guidelines.


You’ve gotten users to visit your website from an ad. Now it’s time to retarget them! The Facebook Pixel is an excellent strategy for retargeting. With the Facebook Pixel, when someone visits your website and takes an action, your pixel is triggered and reports this action within your Facebook Ads Manager. With this information, you can optimize campaigns and build audiences for improved ad targeting. You can create custom audiences on Facebook that automatically populate with users who have visited your website (or another specified landing page) by way of a Facebook click. Retargeting your audience is especially helpful if you’ve recently had a post go viral and want to recapture that attention again!

Facebook advertising is made simple, but it is not without limitations. Did you know that Facebook does not like visual ads with over 20% overlay? This can pose a challenge for those who want to send a very precise message. But with a little imagination and the creative expertise of a healthcare marketing firm, it’s possible to create highly effective Facebook ads.

Christy Owenby is a hands-on CEO, Creative Director, healthcare strategist, and DREAMER! She founded MOXY Company to assist individuals and companies with marketing, social media, public relations, brand development, graphic design and much more. Christy was a contributor in the "Best Practices for Pharma Brands" published by Crisp International and is a CME Marketing Educator. She has also successfully completed the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Social Media Basics for Healthcare certificate and has received the Bronze Fellow designation.

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