MCSMN Welcomes New Silver Fellow – Tariq Azam, M.D.

Congratulations to Tariq Azam, M.D., on becoming a Silver Fellow!

Dr. Azam is a Chief Resident for Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He's also the residency program's Social Media Manager!

In 2018, he created a strategy to use social media to amplify and supplement the program's recruitment efforts, which included enhancing diversity, as measured by gender parity and under-represented minority physicians in resident classes. He became a Bronze Fellow in December 2018.

After activating his strategy, Dr. Azam submitted a Silver Fellow report – sharing success metrics and key observations.

If you're interested in following in Dr. Azam's footsteps, the first step is to complete our Social for Healthcare Certificate from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite and then participate in Social Media Residency. If you're already a premium member of MCSMN, the online Certificate is included and you get a discounted rate for Residency. If not, the online certificate and a one-year premium individual membership are included in your Residency registration.

The next residency session is September 23 in Jacksonville, FL. Our 2019 MCSMN Annual Conference will be held October 22-23 in Rochester, MN.

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MCSMN welcomes new Silver Fellow - Tariq Azam, M.D.
Meet the Mayo Clinic physician who's also a social media strategy expert:
Congratulations to Tariq Azam, M.D., on becoming a Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Silver Fellow!

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