What Are Those New MCSMN Badges, and How Do I Get One?

You may have noticed bronze, silver, and gold badges appearing below the names of some MCSMN members when they post comments in discussions, News You Can Use, webinars, and blog posts. If you did, being the curious person you are, you probably wondered, “What are those round thingies for?”

I’m happy to enlighten you. Those are contributor badges, and their purpose is to highlight MCSMN members who are most active in starting discussions and commenting in the community. Our top contributors!

Here’s how you get one:

You earn a bronze badge after making 25 comments, a silver badge after 100 comments, and a gold badge after 1,000 comments. If you see a badge under a name and click on the badge itself, you’ll see the member’s profile.

Now that you know what those badges are, you may be wondering, Why?

We appreciate the value of learning (or lurking). It’s one of the many benefits of the Social Media Network. However, the community is most successful when members are actively asking, answering, and commenting. We want to recognize those who are contributing to the community in significant and consistent ways, and by doing so perhaps encourage even more activity. Recognition with badges is one tool that online communities consider to increase activity.

956 members have made at least one comment in the community since joining. Here is the list of the members who have earned badges, along with the number of comments, as of March 19, 2019.


Dan Hinmon 2801
Audrey Laine Seymour 1133
Lee Aase 1048
Meredith Gould 312
Janet Kennedy 299
Kathy Winter 297
Megan Rowe 270
Margaret Shepard 221
Marie Ennis-O'Connor 214
Bob West 209
Mike Boehmer 191
Matthew Rehrl 174
Colleen Young 172
Makala Arce 154
Kimberly Dorris 150
Aldon Hynes 136
Reed Smith 129
Carol Vassar 126
Ben Forstie 123
Chris Boyer 117
Vicki Bencken 96
Danielle Thompson 89
Cynthia Floyd Manley 87
Hugh Stephens 87
Katie Whitt 78
Susan Woolner 78
Ann Fuller 72
Randy Schwarz 71
Taryn Offenbacher 71
David Harlow 68
David Grayson 64
Dave deBronkart 63
Elizabeth Harty 62
Julie Swenson 61
Stacy Theobald 60
Laura Smith 59
Linda McMillan 58
Linda Hageman, RN 55
Randall Post 55
Ahmanielle Hall 54
Lisa Wylde 54
Lucy Bordewick 53
Susanna H. French 53
Sarah Blanchard 52
Amanda Changuris 50
Jan Powell 49
Margaret Fontana 49
Ed Bennett 48
Beth Granger 47
Matthew Katz, MD 47
Patricia F. Anderson 47
Sue Lowe 47
Jeff Bergeron 46
Abby Stonebreaker 45
Monique Costa 45
Kari Skipper Foster 39
Megan Kutulis 39
Carol Bush 37
Erik Bergstrom 37
Christine Hoekenga 36
Serena Ehrlich 36
Shel Holtz 36
Mark Ryan, MD 35
Alexandra Tursi 34
Annette Calteaux 34
Shawn Bishop 34
Rachel Miller 33
Sarah Johnston 33
Scott, Volunteer Mentor 32
Jeff Segal 32
Anthony Pafford 30
Beth Davidson 30
Greg Matthews 29
Kris Austin 29
Dena Brannen 28
Lisa Newcomb 28
Sunni Hemingsen 28
Ahava Leibtag 27
Bill Kennedy 27
Angi Moore 27
Susan Lebel 27
Kevin Darst 26
Stephanie McCormick 26
Axel Gumbel 26
Cassi Price 25
Robin Miller 25
Ronnie Dean 25
Tony Hart, Champion Specialist 25
Brendan McAdams 23
Laurel J. Kelly 23
Maria Loving 22
Rachel Caldwell Mullins 22
Andrea Joliet 20
Jeff Calaway 20
Josh Goldstein 20
Kristen Mees 20

Thanks for all your contributions to the Social Media Network!


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Introducing the MCSMN badge program:
Are you doing our part to earn your MCSMN badges?
What are those new MCSMN badges, and how do I get one?

The amazing part about earning badges means that we are connected to the MCSMN and learning. Wonderful!

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