Do You Use Email as Part of Your Online Marketing Activities?

If you use email as part of your online marketing activities, join us for a Zoom call on Tuesday, March 12, at 2 pm CT.

When platinum member Reed Smith asked the question in the MCSMN discussion forum, several people responded with a request to have a call to discuss the topic. Brendan McAdams offered to set up a Zoom call. Now it's your chance to join the conversation in a visual, interactive way.

Here's how to join the call:

Join Zoom Meeting

Clicking this link allows you to join the call in video and audio mode. If you want to just join by phone:

+1 646 558 8656 US
Meeting ID: 446 668 386

Reed will moderate. We look forward to hearing your ideas. It's a new way to connect on MCSMN, Hope you'll join us.

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Do you use email as part of your online marketing activities?
Here's your chance to join a conversation on email marketing:
Do you use #email as part of your #onlinemarketing activities?

Dan, just curious…what's the protocol here? Is this just for MCSMN, or can we post this more broadly to the entire interweb?


I think we should open this up to anyone who wants to participate, @brendanmcadams, unless Zoom has a limit to how many can be on the call. What do you know about Zoom limits?


I'm limited to 100.


Feel free to post for others. I doubt we'll have that many.


Are you sure? I'm very popular.


BTW, that was supposed to be funny…


BTW, that was supposed to be funny…

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I thought so. Just got distracted.


Thanks to those who joined today's Zoom call. @reedsmith and @brendanmcadams facilitated. Lots of good ideas shared. We didn't record the call, but here is the script from the chat box with some tips. We'll be doing more of these!

Shared files

Chat Script (Chat-Script-1-1.pdf)

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