February 18, 2019

Hacks for Boosting Your Facebook Lives

By Audrey Laine Seymour, Senior Communications Specialist

In January 2019, Facebook removed the ability to boost scheduled Facebook Live broadcasts. There wasn't a big announcement... it just sort of happened. And many users, including @kristagregg and me, were shocked when they scrolled to their video post and saw "Boost Unavailable." In this video, I share two workarounds for boosting your Facebook Live.

Audrey Laine Seymour is a Senior Communications Specialist for Mayo Clinic's Social & Digital Innovation team.

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Here are two workarounds for boosting your Facebook Live broadcasts: #MCSMN
Hack your Facebook Live broadcast for a larger audience size. Here's how: #Facebook #MCSMN #MayoClinic
Can't boost your Facebook Live broadcast? No worries. Here are some workarounds: #MCSMN

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Thanks @audreylaine!

I discovered yesterday that the Boost button is NOW BACK for scheduled live videos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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