January 8, 2019

Testing Snapchat Filters

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Specialist

"What about Snapchat?" This is a common question our social media team is asked. We like to test out the latest platforms, explore use cases, and see if there is a solid reason to join and add an additional platform into our social media mix.

We hadn't found that use case with Snapchat until the Mayo Clinic Children's Center came to us with a proposal. How about Snapchat filters? A filter allows you to mark special occasions. You build out the filter artwork (or use some pre-designed filters from Snapchat), geo-fence the location you would like the filter to appear, and select the period of time for the filter (can be hours or days). You pay based on the location and time frame you want the filter available.

The demographics of Snapchat users align with the Mayo Clinic Children's Center and the goal of increasing awareness. In addition to testing two filters for the Mayo Clinic Children's Center, we tested a general Mayo Clinic filter.

Three filters were created and tested for the period of one month. The first filter used the Mayo Clinic Children's Center logo. The second filter was used for Labor and Delivery. The third filter was a general Mayo Clinic filter. The Mayo Clinic Children's Center and Mayo Clinic filters were available 8-5 CT, Monday - Friday. The Labor and Delivery filter was available 24/7.


Snapchat provides these metrics:

Swipes: How many times the filter was seen when a snap is being created by a user.
Uses: How many times the filter was sent by a user to his/her friends or story.
Views: How many times the filter was seen in a story or direct snap.
Usage: How often the filter was chosen to be used in a snap.

Overall, the general Mayo Clinic filter had the highest usage. For the goal of awareness, we view this pilot as a success.

Swipes Uses Views Usage
Labor and Delivery 20,093 893 18,532 4.4%
Children’s Center 11,900 606 8,600 5.1%
Mayo Clinic - General 12,269 2,046 45,877 16.6%

We plan to test another general filter at Mayo Clinic's St. Marys campus to gain further metrics to be able to provide guidance on the usage of Snapchat filters.

Has your organization tried anything with Snapchat? We'd love to know about other case studies for utilizing Snapchat.

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We use Snapchat filters for labor & delivery/maternity, and have done very, very well. We swap out the creative for different holidays, occasions, etc. We have three hospitals in our system where women deliver babies, and the usage rates for those have been 4.8%, 14.3%, and 15.7%. We also used a filter at a cancer awareness walk at which we were a sponsor. That filter had a 43.6% usage rate. Overall, we have found HUGE success with Snapchat filters.

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