2019 Predictions: What’s In, Out and Evolving on Social Media

2018 was quite a year for social media.

Twitter added 140 characters and deleted an endless supply of fake accounts, Facebook spent significant time on Capitol Hill explaining data protection, Instagram launched IGTV.

Here is what experts predict for 2019:

  • Voice search and smart audio will take the main stage. According to Social Media Examiner, voice is the ultimate user experience. Gartner predicts that 30% of searches will be done without a screen in the next 2 years.
  • Social media might return to being social, not selling. Brands will seek opportunities to seamlessly and authentically enter conversations with a target audience, through influencers and creating genuinely compelling and valuable content.

According to Fast Company:

"In a major reversal, trust has reverted back to immediate friends, family, and close acquaintances on social media, individuals whose personal credibility speaks far more than the size of their followings. For businesses on social media, this presents a delicate challenge in 2019. Using social media as just another ad channel–filled with flashy clickbait and promo codes–feels increasingly out of step with social norms and user preferences. Instead, progressive companies will focus less on maximizing reach in 2019 and more on generating transparent and meaningful engagement, and 50% of respondents to our survey agreed that personalizing social content will be a key challenge."

  • Data privacy and protection is likely to increase, with better communication and enhanced transparency by social media platforms. If the power of social media was underestimated at the beginning of 2018, it certainly wasn't by the end. Between Facebook's Cambridge Analytica data crisis to the investigations into the use of bots and trolls on Twitter to influence elections around the world,  citizens, policy makers, and social media giants took a more scrupulous look at data protection and account use.

"Although the issue of data privacy online leading to concerns and confusion within social media is likely to encourage brands to be more transparent in their data collection methods and communication online, it will still continue to exist in some way. Eva Taylor, Senior Manager for Social Marketing at Hootsuite, argues that a key trend for 2019 is personalization of customer experience, which goes hand in hand with online data collection through behavioural tracking." SmartInsights.com


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What does 2019 look like for social media, anyway?
Ready for voice search and smart audio to overtake social media?
2018 was quite a year for social media. Here's what experts predict for 2019:

I wonder if in 2019 there will be a higher percentage of people who begin to withdraw from most, if not all of social media?

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