Medical Research on Social Media: What and When to Post

Medicine is one of the most regulated industries in the world, and it isn’t any wonder that physicians and scientists expect detailed guidelines for all aspects of their jobs! When it comes to social media, Mayo Clinic has guidelines for staff, but we haven’t developed tools to help researchers feel comfortable using social media to tell the world about the important work they do… until now. We’ve created the Research Self-Promotion Toolkit to empower researchers to share confidently and effectively on social media.

Before, During, and After Your Research


As scientists prepare for their research, it’s acceptable to share general posts on social media that elevate the brand of Mayo Clinic, as well as the researcher’s personal brand.

You could share a post like this:
I’m excited to work on an upcoming #RegMed #ClinicalTrial at @MayoClinic! To see all current #ClinicalTrials and #research, visit



During your trial, you are not permitted to do any research recruitment via social media without IRB approval.

Do not share this type of post, unless you first get IRB approval:
If you have triple negative #BreastCancer, join our #ClinicalTrial to develop a vaccine aimed at preventing recurrence:

Any research recruitment posts shared on Mayo Clinic’s social media accounts will be IRB approved, and you are permitted and encouraged to share a post like this from Mayo Clinic. (Note: do not use Quote Tweet or modify the post in any way.)


Once your trial concludes, you are permitted and encouraged to share your published findings

You could share a post like this:
IL10 Release upon PD-1 Blockade Sustains Immunosuppression in #OvarianCancer.


Examples of Acceptable Tweets

Examples of Acceptable LinkedIn Updates


For more information about using social media for research recruitment at Mayo Clinic, please contact Leslie Jordan, Research Communications Coordinator.

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