August 7, 2018

Tools for Promoting Your Research on Social Media

By Audrey Laine Seymour, Communications Specialist

Medical researchers make daily discoveries that impact the lives of others. It’s not just the “famous” discoveries, such as Penicillin or G-suits, but lesser-known discoveries, too. For example, the public often hears the term “nanomedicine” in the news, but I doubt if a random person in the public could tell you what nanoparticles are, or what we’re doing with them at Mayo Clinic. Or maybe they could if they read this article.

The fact is that we, as individuals, don’t tell our own stories very well. You should be shouting from the rooftops about your research, but humility, trepidation, or unfamiliarity, is stopping you.

Use social media to tell the world about the important work you’re doing!

Mayo Clinic encourages staff social media involvement and provides training and resources to help you use them safely and effectively with confidence.

That’s why we’ve created the Research Self-Promotion Social Media Toolkit. In the toolkit, you’ll find guidelines and resources for researchers, which will help equip you for telling your story effectively and strategically on social media. Use this toolkit to help you promote your work on social media before your research begins, while you’re in the midst of the research, and once it’s published.

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