Strategic and Altruistic Reasons for Physician Social Media Engagement

Our Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) medical director, Dr. Farris Timimi, has succinctly described what is perhaps the most tangible and practical reason for physicians to become involved in social media: protecting their online reputation.

In remarks recorded for our recent Social Media Residency in Rochester, Minn., he also highlighted the broad opportunities for physicians to apply these tools productively and strategically in clinical practice, education, and research:

Residency participants also heard a testimonial from Daniel Cabrera, M.D., an Emergency Medicine physician at Mayo Clinic, describing both the moral imperative for physician involvement and his journey of exploration that enabled him to see the benefits, including disseminating knowledge and personal learning. Here's the full version:

Social Media Residency is our in-depth, full-day course for those interested in strategic social media application in health care. We host it once a year on each of our Mayo Clinic campuses and occasionally collaborate with MCSMN member organizations to hold it at their facilities, such as this one we held in March at Indiana University Health in Indianapolis.

The next scheduled Residency is Nov. 13, 2018 at our Mayo Clinic campus in Jacksonville, Fla., the day before our 2018 MCSMN Annual Conference. We're also offering Residency Dec. 11 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

What benefits of physician involvement in social media have you seen?

Lee Aase is a Communications Director for Mayo Clinic's Social & Digital Innovation team and is Director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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