Physician Reputation Management through Social Media Participation

Due to a family commitment, our medical director for the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN), Dr. Farris Timimi, was unable to attend our most recent Social Media Residency June 11 in Rochester, Minn.

However, he was with us in spirit and by recorded video when we addressed reasons for physicians to take advantage of social media tools. The participants that day found this helpful and asked us to make the video available to share.

Here's Dr. Timimi's perspective on why physicians should make time for social media, if only to guard their online reputations:

Dr. Timimi and I also recently presented to a physician group at Mayo Clinic, where he expanded on the need for physicians to influence search results. I followed his talk with an outline of the resources we've made available through MCSMN, not only to our Mayo physicians but to colleagues anywhere who are interested, to help them

  • Get started more quickly
  • Participate with confidence, and
  • Maintain their social accounts in a limited time each week, given their many other commitments.

Those slides are below, and please note that the hyperlinks are live, including links from many of the screen shots, if you wish to explore these resources.

Social Media Reputation Management Resources from Lee Aase

Social Media Residency is for anyone interested in the strategic application of social media in health care. Many participants are communicators and marketers looking for training to help them lead social media efforts in their organizations, while others are physicians, nurses, scientists, and administrators interested in ways to use these tools in their work.

The next scheduled session is Nov. 13, 2018 at our Mayo Clinic campus in Jacksonville, Fla., the day before our 2018 MCSMN Annual Conference. We're also offering Residency Dec. 11 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

In my next post, I'll include thoughts from Dr. Timimi on strategic thinking in applying social media in clinical practice, research, and education, as well as a testimonial from another Mayo Clinic physician with his reasons for engaging in social media.

Lee Aase is a Communications Director for Mayo Clinic's Social & Digital Innovation team and is Director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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