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If you Missed Social Media Residency, You Missed This…

Social Media Residency CohortSocial Media Residency is a swift one-day journey through social media. We talk strategy, what's new and next on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, strategies for physicians and nurses, measurement and monitoring, and how to optimize video—with members of the Social and Digital Innovation team available during the entire event to offer support, guidance, and answers.

If you weren't able to join us this week, we've got you covered. Here are the top lessons from today's Social Media Residency.

The Indispensability of Strategy

We all have an intuitive sense of what we are trying to accomplish. Don't overcomplicate the strategy but do make it explicit. Having a strategy moves you from activity to accomplishment and determines whether platforms are toys or tools.

Do the Best You Can, With What You Have

It's a solid motto to live by, especially as a social media manager. Feeding the 24/7 social media machine can be overwhelming but start by taking stock of what you have on hand. Can you repurpose and repackage existing content (i.e. magazine stories, newsletters, radio interviews, podcasts, etc.)? Mayo Clinic started by re-posting 60-second radio spots as podcasts. Later, Mayo Clinic invested in flip cams to create free, accessible videos for the public. Today, with a budget of $100, professionals can invest in a phone stabilizing rig, directional microphone, and light kit to supplement the video capabilities of a smartphone.

The Only Thing Constant in Life (and Facebook) is Change

The Preferred Audience function is now under a new name, News Feed Targeting. Mayo Clinic's Social and Digital Innovation team tested the performance of targeted vs. unspecified posts and discovered targeted posts garnered increased reach, engagement, and clicks.  Facebook now requires domain verification (i.e. domain ownership) in order to modify a link's pre-populated title and description. Facebook cover images now allow video.

What We're Still Twee...alking About

Use hashtags (but no more than two per post) and @mentions to raise the visibility of your tweet. Twitter Chats are still a thing. To find a chat, visit Symplur. A Like equals a like. A Retweet (with no comment noting otherwise) may equal endorsement, so retweet carefully. The half-life of a tweet is 28 minutes.

Instagram Welcomes Long-Form Video

Reportedly, on June 20 Instagram will end its 60-second video limit in favor of a 60-minute limit. Hashtags are clickable. Both your username and name are searchable within Instagram. If you want a Story to stay on your page (rather than disappear after 24 hours), save the Story as a Highlight.

For Physicians and Those Who Love Them

Here are five benefits of using social media for physicians:

  1. Drive referral traffic.
  2. Listen to patients.
  3. Enhance conversation quality and improve efficiency with patients.
  4. Make valuable information freely available.
  5. The solution to pollution is dilution: Dilute irrelevant rating review sites that don't necessarily reflect clinical performance with quality, proactive content.

Here are a few tips to maintain a Twitter account in 10 minutes:

  1. Identify key sources of tweetable information by following organizations, colleagues, and influencers who align with your mission
  2. Use a scheduling service like TweetDeck, Buffer or HootSuite to schedule 5-7 tweets spaced throughout the upcoming week.
How to Socialize Social Media

Building social media consensus within a fairly uninformed or uninterested audience can be a challenge. To help socialize the idea of engaging with social media, listen to your audience and gauge their interest in both proactive and reactive engagement on social media. If the hesitancy is primarily caused by unfamiliarity, develop a training that is tailored to the audience. Follow-up by creating strategies to carry the work forward, such as creating a Super-user group that can help serve as a resource and guide for others.

Retention is a Hallmark of Success

Within a digital community, a user can progress from "lurking and learning" to info-seeker, to helper, to mentor. Nurture users at every level of the funnel to create a healthy and vibrant community. To help facilitate this, enlist key mentors who can serve as peer-support and who desire to help make the journey easier for people after them.

Avoid Aimless Analytics Adventures

We could aimlessly spend hours looking at analytics without a real understanding of what they mean and how they should impact our work. To be strategic, align your metrics with your goals. Determine what you want to ultimately achieve, then use metrics to help you identify which content best facilitates progress toward that goal. For example, in one test completed by Mayo Clinic, we found a 64% increase in click-throughs on links shortened using Mayo Clinic's custom domain shortener (branded) versus (unbranded).

If you missed Social Media Residency, you still have two opportunities in 2018.
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If you Missed Social Media Residency, You Missed This...
If you Missed Social Media Residency, You Missed This…
Simply put, a healthcare social media strategy is indispensable.

I, for one, got a lot out of this residency! I work for an ad agency specializing in healthcare, so it was great to learn more about what the specific concerns are for healthcare providers.

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