Maintain Your Social Media Presence in 10 minutes a Week

Mayo Clinic's social media advocacy platforms obviously are good for increasing Mayo's visibility online.

But what's in it for you as a user?

If you're a Mayo booster—whether as a grateful patient or a member of the professional or allied health staff—supporting Mayo Clinic in its mission is gratifying and may be motivation enough.

Or perhaps you just want to do your part to balance the online snake oil with solid, science-based content.

Even if your motives are mostly altruistic, there's some personal benefit in your participation. Mayo Clinic Champions (and the similar MCSMN platform) provide convenient, trustworthy content you can use to maintain a solid social media presence in just a few minutes per week, which can boost the SEO juice of your social networking accounts.

In the video below, I show how easy it is to quickly share articles through the platform:

In less than seven minutes (even with a bunch of extra explanation) I shared articles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and also added a tweet to my Buffer queue for later publication.

By investing a few minutes up front in setting up your own free Buffer account and establishing a publishing schedule, you could schedule 10 good tweets a week in less than 10 minutes, with plenty of time left over to post the stories you like best on your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

If you're a physician concerned about your online reputation, this matters: when people search for your name in Google, your social accounts will be more likely to show up higher on the page, pushing unrepresentative rating and review sites toward page two, where they'll have less impact.

If you're a communicator or marketer at another institution, you could develop a similar program featuring your own content, with or without Mayo content as a base. Having developed this capability, we're pleased to make it available economically to Premium Organization members of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.

Either way, I hope you'll give it a try. If you're interested in adapting it for your organization, send me a message.

Lee Aase is a Communications Director for Mayo Clinic's Social & Digital Innovation team and is Director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network


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Maintain Your Social Media Presence in 10 minutes a Week
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