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Using Mayo Clinic’s Advocacy Platform

Through Mayo Clinic's new social media advocacy program we make it easy for both patients and staff to share helpful news and interesting stories related to Mayo Clinic with their online connections.

In the Champions Newsfeed that is part of the Mayo Clinic Champions program on our Mayo Clinic Connect patient community, we gather interesting stories from various Mayo Clinic news sites and blogs in one place, including

The Soundboard Newsfeed on the Champions Storyboard here on the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) includes all of those sources plus the blog posts from this site related to social media in health care.

We did these two versions because the audiences are different and to show the flexibility of the platform.

On Connect we're serving mostly patients and caregivers who would likely not be interested in sharing health care social media content, while here on MCSMN we have a mostly professional audience of Mayo staff and others who may have broader interests.

Because we used a WordPress plug-in for implementation, these story feeds could be installed on any WordPress site, and of course, the curated content sources can be further customized.

We like the streamlined user interface that makes sharing fast and easy. Here are my five favorite features:

  1. When you click on a story in the list, you get to read a full preview so you know exactly what you're posting, but the link you share is to the original article.
  2. Sharing icons at the top of the story are for Facebook and Twitter—the most popular platforms—and Buffer, which enables you to schedule posts for the future. We'll  discuss why you might want to do this, and how to do it, in a future post.
  3. Next to those three icons is a plus sign, and clicking it takes you to the bottom of the post, where you see more sharing options, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Hootsuite, along with the ability to share in an email message.
  4. Several versions of suggested text for your post are available, and clicking the Change icon lets you scan among them.
  5. Those suggestions are only starting points: you can edit the text before you share.

Scroll down a bit and give it a try by sharing this post! Or if you're in more of a mood to share health news, try the Champions Newsfeed.

Lee Aase is a Communications Director for Mayo Clinic's Social & Digital Innovation team and is Director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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Curious about the MCSMN Soundboard tool? Lee Aase breaks it all down for you. #JavaScript #MayoClinic
In the mood to share some Mayo Clinic news on Social Media? Try the new Champions Newsfeed. #MayoClinic
The new MCSMN Soundboard has a streamlined user interface that makes sharing fast and easy. #JavaScript

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