New Employee Orientation Video Sets Standard for Staff Social Media Use

Mayo Clinic encourages professional and allied health staff to use social media tools appropriately and productively. With nearly 65,000 staff and growing, the Mayo Clinic Social and Digital Innovation team collaborated with Mayo's new employee orientation program to provide new employees an overview of social media at Mayo Clinic and additional training resources.

This short video is shown on all campuses during new employee orientation.

Proactively discussing social media guidelines during new employee orientation helps employees start with the right information about social media at your organization. Here are a few benefits to consider when determining when and how to communicate to staff about social media use:

  1. Avoid avoidance. New employees will have varying levels of comfort and familiarity with social media platforms. Some staff members will think the best rule of thumb is to avoid mentioning anything work-related on their accounts. However, an all-or-nothing approach isn't necessary on social media.
  2. Equip employees with guidelines. Certainly, some information is restricted and should not be shared, but, with the right guidance, employees can be an organization's strongest social media advocate. Public information from press releases, news stories, company social media posts, and public events can be great content for employees to share.
  3. Employees tell an authentic story. When an employee shares positive news about their company, it's because they want to. Organic, authentic stories from real people can cut through the clutter of marketing and advertising noise in a way an organization's social media post may not be able to.


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