April 5, 2018

Making Social Media Social

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Specialist

In the webinar, Social Media Is Social: Don’t Be Afraid to Engage, Stacy and I shared Mayo Clinic’s history of comment monitoring and how it has evolved. Here are a few tips and tools our team found useful.

How to respond to negative comments

Responding to negative comments is important. On Facebook, your organization’s lack of response will stand out. To make responding to negative comments easier, look at the themes of negative comments you receive. Is there a response that could be created and used to respond to most of the comments? Do you have an office or department that handles patient complaints? If so, would they be willing to respond to social media comments? Coming up with a process to address negative comments will help make the task seem less overbearing.

The importance of responding in a timely manner

The average consumer will wait 0-4 hours for a brand to respond to a post on social media. The average brand response time is between 7-10 hours. While striving for a low response time is ideal, taking the first step to respond is important. Responding can be as simple as liking a post or responding to a private message. Our social media team tries to provide a response within 24 hours. Set a goal of how quick you want to respond to social media comments.

Monitoring tools make your job easier 

Implementing a social media management system made monitoring easy for our social media team. This allows our team to assign comments, access standardized templates for responses, monitor all platforms within one system, and schedule social media posts. There are many tools to use. Find the one that works best for your team.

How does your organization engage on social media? What tools have you found helpful?


Margaret Shepard is a Communications Specialist for Mayo Clinic's Social & Digital Innovation team and supports the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. Before joining the Social and Digital team at Mayo Clinic, Margaret received her Master’s of Science degree in Communications at North Dakota State University. Margaret joined the team in May of 2015, maintaining the editorial calendar for Mayo Clinic’s main social media platforms, including creating and scheduling content, and daily monitoring. Margaret provides technical support for patient webinars, consults with Mayo Clinic departments on how to use social media, and works with Marketing to further digital strategies for engagement.

Stacy Theobald is a Coordinator on the Social and Digital Innovation team. She manages content moderation, creation, and posting for social and digital platforms, webinars, and events. Stacy joined Mayo Clinic in 1995, previously serving as an appointment secretary in the department of Cardiology; administrative assistant in Public Affairs, supporting the News Delivery and Social Media teams; Financial Representative for Mayo Medical Laboratory; and in Provider Relations – Mayo Clinic Care Network. Connect with Stacy on TwitterLinkedIn, and #MCSMN.

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Making Social Media Social
How to respond to negative comments
Monitoring tools make your job easier 

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