January 24, 2018

Identifying Brand Priorities to Create a Sustainable Content Calendar

By Audrey Laine Seymour, Senior Communications Specialist

In the webinar “4 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Content Calendar,” Taryn and I offered a few tips to help health care communications professionals start 2018 with a strong strategy. The first step is to review analytics.

Step 2: Identify Brand Priorities

Your brand priorities should be the first items penciled in on your content calendar because it's imperative to effectively communicate these to your audience.

Institutional Priorities

What are the top priorities for your organization?

  • High-ranking service lines
  • Initiatives identified in your Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Others?
Marketing Priorities

Next, you should identify your marketing priorities. You may have different marketing priorities for each institutional priority, but having them outlined in a succinct content calendar will help you create sustainable content.

  • Brand awareness
  • Appointment requests
  • Event attendance
  • Others
Previously Covered Content

Lastly, consider ongoing conversations that should be maintained.

  • Is your organization the go-to authority on a certain topic? If so, be sure to regularly schedule content on the topic.
  • Identify the issues you should continue to cover and determine the frequency at which that content should be published.


Audrey Laine Seymour is a Communications Specialist at Mayo Clinic in Florida and is a member of the Social and Digital Innovation (Star Wars) team.

Taryn Offenbacher, a Communications Specialist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona is a member of the Social and Digital Innovation Team (Star Wars). 

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What makes a content calendar sustainable, anyway?
How you can start 2018 with a strong content strategy:
Does your content calendar reflect the top priorities for your organization?

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