4 Apps and Tools to Save Time

From project management, to team communication, to quick creative – below are a few of our favorite apps and tools to help you save time and stay organized.


A Trello board is a list of lists to help you organize projects. You can assign tasks, set deadlines, assign categories, create sublists, attach files, insert media, and more. Trello offers an “email to card” feature so you can immediately forward that to-do item sent to your email to your Trello board. You can invite your team to a Trello board to delegate tasks and streamline communication on projects.

The board uses a simple drag-drop feature so you can pull cards through the different lists for an up-to-date glance at each project.

There are also a variety of plugins users can install to increase efficiency, like this calendar view feature. This could be helpful for organizations that do not use a third party content system to manage their content calendar.

Within each card, users can create sublists to organize a variety of tasks within the main project. 


Slack is a messaging system with so many bells and whistles you’ll never want to use email again. Discussions are organized into channels you select (i.e. project, team or department). You can #topics or @mention colleagues to help with searchabilty and notifications. Messages in public channels, files, and uploads are indexed and searchable inside Slack, giving the entire team collective knowledge of the organization. Slack integrates with apps like SalesForce, DropBox, Jira, Trello and Google Drive.

Take the Slack tour.

I could go on about the amazing features and Slack tricks, but Hubstaff already wrote that blog, if you want to check it out.

 HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

 If we were playing the game, ‘which of these items is not like the rest’ Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator is the answer. Instead of organizing your tasks or communication, it serves as a creative partner.

Simply enter three keywords (they recommend nouns), select “Give me blog ideas” and the tool will automatically generate five blog topics with pretty impressive headlines. You can choose to write the blog directly from the topics generated or use those ideas to spark your own creative idea.



Canva is an online design tool that allows content creators to build beautiful designs quickly. The tool offers pre-built templates for a variety of platforms, stock images, text applications and more for speedy drag and drop designing.

Canva is free but offers an annual pass ($120) for the Canva for Work advanced features. Two features make this premium membership well worth the investment.

  1. Automatic resizing - Do you ever need the same graphic for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? Most people do. Rather than creating it three times, simply choose the platforms you need, select the green "Resize" button, and Canva will produce three, correctly sized graphics for you.

2. Brand Book - Canva for Work allows users to create color palettes, set designated fonts, upload fonts (Canva doesn't offer some traditional fonts so this is imperative if you have strict brand guidelines), upload logos, etc. This not only makes it fast for you to access the colors, fonts, and logos you need but helps ensure consistency across designers.

Now it's your turn! What tools do you use and love? #MCSMN will host a live webinar on the topic of tools and apps that save time so let us know what you'd like to know more about and discuss and we'll add it to the upcoming webinar.

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4 Apps and Tools to Save Time
4 Apps and Tools to Save Time | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network
From project management, to team communication, to quick creative – below are a few of our favorite apps and tools to help you save time and stay organized.

Nice list @toffenbacher. I use Canva all the time and find it very quick and user-friendly. Still catching on to Trello, but see some great value there. Another category for time-saving apps would be scheduling apps. My choice is Buffer for my personal accounts. I wonder what others are using.

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