How To: Facebook Domain Verification to Edit Metadata

Over the last few months, have you been missing the ability to edit the metadata brought over when posting a link to Facebook?Editing Link Metadata Screenshot

This has been a challenge for many brands, and Facebook rolled out a work-around for brand links called Domain Verification. You are able to claim your domains, which will again allow you the ability to edit the links coming from your domains.

Under Facebook Business Manager, go to Domains and enter all the brand domains you want to claim.

Facebook Business Manager - Add DomainList of Domains

Then, Facebook offers two ways to verify you indeed own those domains: DNS Verification and HTML File Upload. We chose the DNS Verification route, but instructions for both methods are offered by Facebook here.

Once the verification process is complete, you will assign the domains to your Facebook page(s).

Domains - Assign Pages

If you use a social media management system to publish your Facebook posts and notice you are still unable to edit the metadata on links from your verified domains, I recommend reaching out to your contact person. There may be a delay while third-party platforms update their systems to support the new functionality.

Makala Arce is a Senior Communications Specialist at Mayo Clinic and a member of the Social and Digital Innovation team. She has a special interest in analytics and leads the implementation of Mayo's social media management system and social listening platforms.

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