Using Metrics to Gather Content Ideas from Users

We need a lot of content. We publish about 15 Twitter and 10 Facebook posts per day on our primary, enterprise Mayo Clinic accounts. Our post ideas often come from news releases, media hits, patient stories, and information from Mayo Clinic colleagues.

To supplement these posts, we use data from two different sources to identify content with proven interest from users.

Google Analytics Search Terms

Using Google Analytics, we identify the common search terms people enter in the search box on the website. In Google Analytics, this can be found under: Behavior >> Site Search >> Search Terms.

On a periodic basis, we look at the top 10 search terms on this list. For example, the term “diabetes” was searched 654 times in one week. This was a clear indication that people were interested in diabetes information. Using existing diabetes content on, we crafted posts on Facebook and Twitter directing users to our site. We did this for several of the most frequently searched terms (e.g., diabetes, asthma, depression, osteoarthritis).

Asthma Twitter Post

Organically Shared Mayo Clinic Content

Using a custom domain feature through Bitly, Mayo Clinic domain links are automatically shortened to links for all users, allowing us to retain branding on the shortened URLs. Bitly provides metrics on the Mayo Clinic domain URLs that users organically shorten through Bitly. Top Network Content - 1 Month

We are currently doing this on a monthly basis. In November, recipe-related content claimed the top three Mayo Clinic content pieces, ranked by the number of clicks on the links people shortened. The first link was shortened to a link two times, and those two links collectively received 8,866 clicks.

If not time-sensitive, we then posted this content on Mayo Clinic enterprise Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Facebook Recipe PostTwitter Recipe Post


In our limited sample size, the content identified from Google Analytics search terms received above-average engagements and clicks on both Twitter and Facebook, while the content identified from Bitly received below-average engagements and clicks on both Twitter and Facebook.

We will likely continue to use Google Analytics search terms to find content our users are already searching to serve as the topic of our posts. If hundreds of users are proactively searching for this content on, much of our Facebook and Twitter audiences will likely find it helpful information as well.

Makala Arce is a Senior Communications Specialist at Mayo Clinic and a member of the Social and Digital Innovation team. She has a special interest in analytics and leads the implementation of Mayo's social media management system and social listening platforms.

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We need a lot of content.
Using Metrics to Gather Content Ideas from Users
Using Metrics to Gather Content Ideas from Users | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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