How to Spend One Hour, Once a Year on Social Media

On November 16, Dr. Farris Timimi, Medical Director of #MCSMN, joined Dr. John Nosewothy, President and CEO of Mayo Clinic, to discuss social media at Mayo Clinic during Morning Rounds.  Speaking to an audience of busy physicians, he explained why and how they should spend at least one hour, once a year on social media.

It is a digital extension of their practice.

"I honestly believe that [social media] is the course that Dr. Will and Charlie would have taken had they existed in the current era. Their entire approach to medicine and life was extending the work they did to a wider community. This is simply a digital extension of that same spirit and impetus in the digital era. Earlier this month, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page, which now has more than a million followers. We have nearly 1.75 million followers on Twitter. We have the most viewed hospital channel on YouTube. And those platforms, similar platforms, allow us to extend the quality of work that our providers do every single day to a much wider audience."

Own your digital identity.

"In the current era, your online digital identity becomes your digital avatar. If our providers are not aware of what that reflects, I think it creates a chance for third-party companies, who have different agendas, to populate that avatar. People are worried about time consumption, social disinhibition online, reimbursement concerns, but...we have digital real estate that exists online and social tools can become a critical element in filling it."

Control the message.

"We always tell providers the solution to pollution is dilution. So if you have commentary or content online you do not like, what we want to do is move that below the fold…When people search, what they [often] click through on are the top three search [results], so that is all we need to try to occupy or fill."

If you only spend one hour a year on social media, where do you spend it?

"Complete and fully populate the profile on Doximity; it is pulled into the U.S. News & World Report and feeds into their data pool significantly. Complete and fill the profile on LinkedIn. They should invest no more than an hour or two per year in total for those two platforms."

His third pick: Twitter.

Leave us a note in the comment section below if you have another platform on your must-use list for thought leaders on social media.

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