Gone Fishin’

As we move into summer, you may be thinking about spending some time on the water. Here in Florida, that means a lot of people are going fishing. I was talking with my colleague, Adam Thompson, recently when he shared a story with me.

Aisles in the Fishing Department

Adam has two sons, and they once told him they wanted to try out fishing. Adam isn’t a fisherman so he went to a local sporting goods store to buy the necessary gear. There were six aisles for fishing! A store associate offered to help Adam after seeing the confusion on his face.

“I told my boys I’d take them fishing, but I don’t know where to start,” Adam told the associate. The associate then asked him whether they would be fishing in freshwater or saltwater, which led them to the appropriate aisle. Then he asked Adam what type of fish they’d like to catch. Adam had no preference as long as they were alive, which led to a follow-up question about water depth. These questions helped the associate narrow the search to a three-foot-wide section of one side of an aisle. With a search that started with an expansive array spanning six aisles, this was a great process to help Adam identify the tools he needed.

Make a Connection

This is the same process we should use when helping physicians #GetSocial. The social media world is vast and confusing for beginners. If it were a store, I’m sure many physicians may have the same expression as Adam before an associate offered assistance. Often, physicians may hear of tools and tactics used by colleagues and want to replicate those efforts themselves; however, the audience may not be the same. In fishing terms, you can’t use the same rod and reel to catch trout and grouper. It’s our job to help our physicians find the right section in the store.

How can we prepare our physicians to be fishers of patients and referral sources? Are we being helpful associates? What questions should we ask?

In future posts, we’ll look at types of fishermen and tips for a good catch.

Audrey Laine Seymour is a Communications Specialist at Mayo Clinic in Florida, and is a member of the Social and Digital Innovation (Star Wars) team.

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Gone Fishin’
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I told my boys I’d take them fishing, but I don’t know where to start

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