Join Us for Match Day on Facebook Live!

Match Day is one of the most anticipated days of a medical school career – a day that will not only determine where one will end up geographically for the next chapter of life but also what type of doctor one will ultimately become.

It’s the culmination of many hours spent pouring over evidence-based medicine, peer-reviewed journal articles, and drinking too many cups of coffee to count. Every doctor remembers the day they received the envelope that held the fate of their future.

The Match Day 2016 Broadcast

Last year for the first time we did a live broadcast of Match Day on both Periscope and Facebook Live. These broadcasts gave family and friends of our Mayo Clinic School of Medicine students the opportunity to witness and participate in the festivities.

Join us March 17th as we broadcast the excitement of Match Day 2017 live on Facebook from Mayo Clinic School of Medicine! The broadcast will start at 11:45 a.m. CDT, with the moment of truth (the opening of the envelopes) at noon.

You also can follow along on Twitter with #MayoClinicMatch.

Watch the Mayo Clinic Facebook Live broadcast!

Where will our medical students match?

Ling Werner is co-chair of the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Social Media Committee.


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