Join the Countdown to 2018 Colorectal Cancer Coalition

Raising awareness of the need for colorectal cancer screening fits squarely in the center of the Golden Triangle of Health Care Social Media because

  • It relates to a serious disease, the second-leading cause of U.S. cancer deaths
  • It is one of the most preventable and treatable cancers with proper screening, and
  • Many people who should be getting screened aren't doing it.

Monday's post introduced the Countdown to 2018 kickoff event for Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. The intent of this post is to provide resources to make it easy for you to join the campaign, either personally or on behalf of your organization, including

  • Some suggested language for social media posts
  • A library of images you can download to increase the impact of posts.

Please cut, paste and adapt the language you see below. Next to each, we have a thumbnail of an image you could use. Just right-click on any of the images to download the full-size versions.

Get ready for #colorectalcancer awareness month with us on March 1! We will kick off the Countdown to #80by2018!




Watch the Mar. 1 #CRCCountdown Blue Carpet pre-show w/celebrity guests on Mayo Clinic's Facebook page #80by2018



Get screened, it could save your life! Learn more during the March 1 live stream. #colorectalcancer 





Colorectal Cancer screening saves lives! Share your #ScreeningStory and learn more at #80by2018



Here are several other images you can use before the Mar. 1 event to help educate the public about the importance of screening. Include 1-2 of the following hashtags to help create maximum buzz.




We're glad to be working with the National Colorectal Cancer Round Table, Fight Colorectal Cancer, the American Cancer Society and Exact Sciences on this important awareness project.

Please join us!

Update: As requested/suggested by an emailer, here's guidance on when screening should start and a discussion of screening options.

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