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January 25th, 2017

Facebook Auto-Generated Video Captions

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Specialist

Have you noticed more and more videos on Facebook have captions? Are you wondering how to get captions on your Facebook videos to (hopefully) increase engagement and longer video views? Facebook has rolled-out an auto-generated caption feature for Pages.

We recently took a closer look at this feature to see how it works. At first, I thought the captions would not be close to the actual words said in the video. But after walking through the process, the captions are fairly close to the actual script, making the task an easy add-on.

To get to the auto-generated caption feature, click on “edit post” while in the admin setting of your Facebook page.

From there, select “captions” and then “generate."

This takes you to the Review Captions box, where you can click on play and go through the captions as the video plays.

Having a script already made (as is the case for the Mayo Clinic Minute videos), makes editing the captions about a 5 minute task. See our Mayo Clinic videos with captions here.

It's as easy as that! If you have an extra five minutes at the end of your day, try it out.

And let us know in the comments how it works for you. Was the captioning generated by Facebook fairly accurate, or did you need to make major edits?

Margaret Shepard is a Communications Associate for Mayo Clinic's Social & Digital Innovation team and supports the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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Abby Stonebreaker

Posts: 45
Joined: Jul 29, 2015
Posted by @astonebreaker, Wed, Jan 25 3:34pm

That’s awesome! I’ve been editing the automatically generated captions in YouTube, then exporting them and applying them to my FB video. Saves me a step! Will try it out on my next video.

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Wed, Jan 25 3:38pm

That’s great, @astonebreaker! Let us know how it goes with your next video. Have you found the YouTube auto-generated captions to be fairly accurate?

Abby Stonebreaker

Posts: 45
Joined: Jul 29, 2015
Posted by @astonebreaker, Wed, Jan 25 3:57pm

@Margaret_Marie For the most part, yes. I try to adjust the phrasing so I’m reading a full sentence at a time.

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