Shoot iPhone Video like a Pro!

We’re often asked for tips on how to shoot video with a smartphone. “How do I get the best quality?” and “Do I need a microphone?” are among the most common questions.

This video shares the basics on how to create high-quality video with your iPhone. (Android users: check out this version.)

Here are some additional tips for phone videography.

  1. Audio – the video above shows how to use a lav mic, but a microphone isn’t always necessary. If your phone is in a case, remove the case before shooting, as it may block sound from your built-in microphone. It’s also important to note that the front-facing (selfie) camera delivers better audio than the rear. When you’re more than a few feet from your subject, you may want to use an external microphone such as The Mighty Mic from Photojojo. It’s a mini shotgun mic that mounts to your phone’s headphone jack and minimizes nearby chatter.
  2. Zoom – unless you have a new phone with a dual lens (iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, etc.), your camera’s zoom feature simply enlarges the picture digitally, resulting in unsightly pixelation. I have the ōlloclip 4-in-1 and often use the wide-angle lens, which enables me to capture more than the built-in lens.
  3. Editing – you can trim the ends of videos on your iPhone’s camera roll. For more advanced editing, such as combining several videos into one or adding transitions and text overlays, use iMovie.
  4. Always shoot horizontally. Movie, TV, and computer screens are horizontal for a reason, and your video should be shot to maximize the screen area. For more on this topic, watch this (hilarious) vertical video PSA.

Do you have more tips? Please share them with us in the comments!

Audrey Laine Seymour is a Communications Specialist at Mayo Clinic in Florida and a member of the Social and Digital Innovation Team.

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