October 5, 2016

Introducing Mayo Clinic Employees to Social Media

By Audrey Laine Seymour, Senior Communications Specialist

When I went through Mayo Clinic’s new employee orientation in May, I was excited to see the “#SocialAtMayo” video shown to the group. As I watched the 8-minute video, I noticed two things: my classmates were tuning it out, and it was dated.

The host of the video was my predecessor, and several other staff members featured in it also are no longer part of our team. We've also changed our name, from the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media to the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.

And did I mention the video was EIGHT MINUTES LONG?

I set out on a quest to produce a new and improved video. How can we make this as timeless as possible? Our team uses Yammer to communicate daily, so I asked for ideas and Taryn Offenbacher recommended the use of kinetic typography. That very afternoon, a kinetic typography video appeared in my Facebook newsfeed. It felt perfect for the job. If we could grab viewers’ attention with the kinetic typography, we wouldn’t need “talking heads.”

Creating a Kinetic Typography Video

We knew we needed to start with a script before any design could happen. Taryn and I worked together to draft a script for the video, adding notes about our vision for the kinetic typography. Lee Aase and the team provided feedback, and we decided this video would be used for more than new employees… we want to share it with the world!

Once the script was finalized, I contacted our creative media team. Luckily, one of their new team members, CJ Nurse, had extensive experience with Adobe After Effects, and was available for the job. CJ, whose Instagram handle is digifingaz, reviewed our script and notes and recommended that we have a voiceover track recorded first, and then he could match the kinetic typography to the track.

Dan Hinmon connected me with Erin Lehn, a voice actor in California, and her voice was a perfect fit! Once we had her voiceover track, CJ began creating our video. After several rounds of tweaks, it was exactly what we wanted. The video debuted at the Social Media Residency in Jacksonville on Thursday, Sept. 29, and I couldn’t be more proud!

Video Strategy

Now that the video is done (yay!), we’ve got to get it to the world. We also want our 60,000+ existing employees to see it, not just the new ones. The team collaborated to develop a plan for launching the video:

  1. Upload to YouTube and add cards
  2. Send to orientation leaders at our three locations (Florida, Arizona, and Rochester, MN)
  3. Write this blog post for MCSMN and share it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  4. Post a short article to the All Company page on Yammer
  5. Write an article for our Employee Newsletter
  6. Highlight in our weekly MCSMN Premium Newsletter
  7. Upload the video natively on the Employees at Mayo Clinic Facebook Page
  8. Embed the video on the Social Media Network’s intranet page

How about you?

Does your organization show a social media video to new employees? Send us the link in the comments below so we can feature it in an upcoming blog post!

Audrey Laine Seymour is a Communications Specialist at Mayo Clinic in Florida, and a member of the Social & Digital Innovation Team.

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Introducing Mayo Clinic Employees to Social Media
Introducing Mayo Clinic Employees to Social Media | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network
When I went through Mayo Clinic’s new employee orientation in May, I was excited to see the “#SocialAtMayo” video shown to the group.

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Very nice job @audreylaine. Did you mention that the NEW video is just TWO MINUTES AND FORTY-SIX SECONDS LONG? So much more accessible. Thanks for sharing this.


Well done @audreylaine! We will share with our faculty at an upcoming development meeting; and with our incoming students during orientation.


Great video @audreylaine and such as succinct way to introduce social media to Mayo Clinic employees. Really makes one want to get involved. Thank you. Heading off to Twitter and LinkedIn to share…

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