New #MCSMN Bronze Fellow: Rouen Im

Bronze Fellow BadgeCongratulations to Roeun Im, Faculty Member of the Mayo Clinic Medical Laboratory Science Program, on becoming a Bronze Fellow!

Roeun participated in our May 16 Social Media Residency and then crafted a comprehensive social media strategy to increase the number of qualified applicants to the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences (MSHS), Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Program.

The program seeks to become the premier hospital-based MLS program in the country. Its mission is to prepare MLS graduates for entry into the workforce by assuring they are adequately trained in the areas of laboratory medicine. However, rising tuition costs and competition from other programs is making it more difficult to recruit highly qualified students into the program, a program Mayo Clinic counts on to supply entry-level allied health staff.

To overcome these challenges, Roeun developed a targeted strategy to attract, engage and increase qualified applicants into the program. Using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the MLS team will share key messages to targeted audiences in efforts to increase applications by 53% for the 2017-2018 application cycle.

Roeun is an instructor in laboratory medicine and is a core faculty member of the Mayo Medical Laboratory Science Program. He currently teaches and trains employees, students, residents and fellows in hematopathology.

Please join us in welcoming Roeun to the Bronze Fellow circle!

The #MCSMN Social Media Fellows program builds on our Social Media Residency program and provides a structured path and guidance for developing and executing social media plans for health-related purposes. If you haven't yet participated in Social Media Residency, we have three opportunities available for you this Fall.

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Please join us in welcoming Roeun to the Bronze Fellow circle!
Ever thought about become a Mayo Clinic Social Media Bronze Fellow?
Rouen Im may not have set out to become a social media pioneer, but he is one anyway.

Nice work @roeun! This sounds like a great approach to increasing applications to your program. Can you share with us a quick summary of your YouTube strategy?


Congratulations @roeun! Welcome to the Bronze Fellow circle!
This is going to be so interesting, I can’t wait to see how social media makes a difference in attracting high quality candidates!


Thanks @DanHinmon and @julieswenson! We are still developing our YouTube strategy right now. It will probably be secondary to Facebook and Twitter. We have a lot of photos so we may utilize Instagram to share what our students and faculty are doing to promote the program. We may share some testimonials from previous students as well.

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