May 24, 2016

Member Meeting Highlights: Andy Sernovitz Opening Keynote

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Andy Sernovitz played a significant role in helping us gain leadership support for using social media at Mayo Clinic. Shel Holtz's 2007 visit to Rochester planted the seed, and following year Andy came to cultivate. The organization he subsequently founded,, gave Mayo an opportunity to learn together with peers from other large organizations (mostly outside of health care), and inspired what has become the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.

We're glad to now be working again with Andy as a founding member of Health (SMOH) and to have him as a member of our MCSMN External Advisory Board. That's why we asked him to give the opening keynote address at our 2016 Member Meeting. Here are some highlights:

Using the challenges of child-rearing as an analogy for those of us leading social media in health care organizations, Andy likened MCSMN and SMOH to parental support groups. When you're doing something that's important and meaningful but yet sometimes challenging and frustrating, it's important to be able to call on others who have gone through similar experiences.

We're glad to provide a platform through MCSMN for our Mayo Clinic colleagues and peers everywhere to connect, learn and grow in understanding and application of social media for health-related purposes. The community that has gathered online and face-to-face, with participants in last week's meeting coming from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as well as more than 20 states, is rewarding for all of us.

We're excited at how that seedling planted in 2007 has grown, and grateful for our many generous colleagues who have joined with us to help make it happen.

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Member Meeting Highlights: Andy Sernovitz Opening Keynote

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Fantastic! It was a great meeting. Thanks again for putting this all together.

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