April 22, 2016

Can Employee Advocacy Overcome the Drop in Organic Facebook Reach?

By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

Have you noticed a significant drop in organic Facebook reach?

erik-bergstrom“We did,” says Erik Bergstrom, eBusiness Manager at Dental Associates. “As a result, we knew it was important to explore new ways of delivering our message on Facebook and beyond.” So Erik began investigating an employee advocacy program as a possible solution.

The result? A compelling case study for the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Member Meeting in Rochester May 17-18. Erik and Elizabeth Harty, senior communications specialist at Mayo Clinic, will present “Leverage Employee Passion for Social Media Success."

This will be one of six case studies. The Member Meeting also includes three keynotes and four small group sessions with experts.

Harty34“An employee advocacy program can increase results from your social media channel while empowering participants, enhancing their sense of belonging and being in the know,” Elizabeth says.

Their case study will cover the options they explored before starting their employee advocacy programs, unexpected problems they encountered, essential steps to a program rollout, and some surprising lessons they learned along the way.

Erik shared one unintended consequence. “Because we offered incentives to participate,” he says, “we discovered some hyperactivity from overzealous users.” In 20 days, one employee shared 67 posts. “We learned to take steps to avoid a negative impression of spamming our services,” he says.

Find out more - and ask your questions - by attending our 2016 Member Meeting. Although we’re limiting attendance at the 2016 Member Meeting, registration is still available. Register or learn more.

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