April 7, 2016

Traveling From Down Under To Learn From Fellow #MCSMN Members

By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

After attending #MayoinOz last October, Anne-Marie Hales, business development manager at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney, is joining a delegation from Australia and New Zealand to attend our 2016 Member Meeting and Residency.

To leverage her US trip she’s visiting other hospitals, thanks to generous offers from #MCSMN members Erica Thompson at Dignity Health and Kristen Svobodny at Mayo Clinic.

FullSizeRender“I feel the next part of my professional development would be completing the social media residency,” explains Anne-Marie. “By attending the summits, meetings and residencies I am in a forum where the latest information is discussed and debated from a healthcare position.

“I hope to learn from fellow members,” she adds. “I want to know what has worked for them in their environment–wins, strategies, challenges and frustrations.”

Anne-Marie says the skills she'll learn will not only benefit her in her current role but with any healthcare organization, “since the application is about engagement with the patient.”

Erica is excited to host Anne-Marie at a Dignity Healthcare facility in California on her return trip. “MCSMN is truly a wonderful connecting tool. Thank you for creating such a great platform for us to sync our efforts and support one another,” she says.

Anne-Marie will attend the Member Meeting with fellow Aussies and External Advisory Board members Lisa Ramshaw and Hugh Stephens, as well as New Zealand ENT David Grayson, MD.

Learn more about how you can join our Southern Hemisphere friends (as well as a great bunch from North America) at the #MCSMN Member Meeting!

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Traveling From Down Under To Learn From Fellow #MCSMN Members

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I’m so excited that Anne-Marie will be able to join us. It’s great to see the enthusiasm for social media in health care and MCSMN growing Down Under!

Can’t wait for the member meeting and to see everyone in person!

Looking forward to it!

Thank you Dan and Kia ora Anne-Marie. Lee will teach you the Maori haka (US style) if you like – so much better than “tie me kangaroo down sport” 😉

Liked by Lisa Wylde

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