First to Complete Social Media Basics Certification!


Jessica Cruz
Coordinator, Office of Women’s Health (@WHMayoClinic)

Thanks to the power and glory of technology, we know exactly who was first to complete our Mayo Clinic-Hootsuite Social Media Basics Certification, on Nov. 18, 2015. We’re spotlighting Jessica Cruz here because of that, but also because she exemplifies who we hope will complete--and benefit from--the certification process.

First, we note that Jessica is absolutely not a social media newbie. She got started on Facebook back in 2008 and in addition to that venerable platform, actively deploys Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for personal use. “I like Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family since there are many people I rarely get to connect with in person,” says Jessica.

At Mayo Clinic, where she provides day-to-day management for the Office of Women’s Health, Jessica relies on Facebook and Twitter to enhance understanding and improvement of women’s health across the life span. Turns out Twitter is where her new and improved outreach efforts are generating the most success.

So why did this savvy social media user jump right in to complete the certification process? Jessica wanted to know more about potential professional applications, a new focus for her. “I had just started a new position where social media was part of my responsibilities,” she explains. “I wanted to learn as much as I could so I could effectively utilize the time my time on social media for the Office of Women’s Health.”

Jessica reports that within two months of putting her enhanced skills into use, she is now “actively tweeting with confidence” and @WHMayoClinic is rapidly gaining active followers. Improving Facebook and Pinterest presence is on the near horizon.

Asked to come up with the top compelling reasons why people should commit to working through the certification process, Jessica zooms in on these three: 1) To think about your social media strategy and what you're really seeking to accomplish; 2) To ensure that items you share are appropriate and align with your strategy; and 3) To learn about how social media platforms you might think of as purely social (e.g. Pinterest) can have a professional application.

When asked if there’s anything else, Jessica swiftly and emphatically adds, “This is a $400 course that is available to you (Mayo Clinic staff and students) for FREE! What a great opportunity, especially if social media is part of your position description.” We agree, of course.

Note: For those who don't work for Mayo Clinic, the registration fee for Social Media Basics Certification is included in #MCSMN Premium Individual Membership. Premium Organization Members get 10 seat licenses for their employees as part of the annual package, with the option to get more on a discounted basis. If you have questions on which membership option is right for you, contact us.

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Whether she meant to become one or not, Jessica Cruz is a real social media pioneer.
Who was the very first person to complete Mayo Clinic's Social Media Basics Certification?
She's "tweeting with confidence" after finishing Mayo Clinic's Social Media Basics Certification.

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