February 5, 2016

Making the Case for Health Care Employee Access to Social Media

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

thumbs upWe're glad to announce that a new resource is now available: Making the Case for Employee Access to the Internet.

Many hospitals have long blocked employee access to social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter at the corporate firewall.

In an informal and non-scientific survey we did in 2013, nearly two-thirds of those who responded told us their hospitals blocked access for all or most employees. And just two months ago in a discussion in our #MCSMN community, one of our members sought examples of hospitals (besides Mayo Clinic) allowing open access, to help her argue the case for it in her hospital system.

So clearly it's still an issue.

That member discussion prompted us to bring our employee access project to completion and to publish an easy-to-read and actionable summary of key concerns and ways to deal with them. You'll find that Making the Case for Employee Access to the Internet focuses on:

  • HIPAA and Patient Privacy
  • IT Security and Bandwidth
  • Staff Productivity and Professionalism

In each section we describe the concerns, explore their validity and provide guidance about managing whatever risk might legitimately exist. If you're fighting the access battle, we hope this resource will help your efforts.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Employee Access Task Force, and particularly to the co-chairs, Ed Bennett and Shel Holtz, for their leadership. Thanks also to Meredith Gould for condensing the material into the succinct summary we're releasing today.

Please let us know what you think of it and how it helps you open access for your organization's employees.

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I cannot thank you enough! This is great. I’ve shared it with my director and our VP for marketing. They are fighting the good fight on the executive leadership level and this will certainly help us up the game.

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