December 24, 2015

Top 10 @MayoClinic Tweets of 2015

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Specialist

On Tuesday we looked at some of the most popular Mayo Clinic Facebook posts of 2015. Today we review 10 of the highest-impact tweets of the year, and some reasons why they attracted attention.

Live events can boost interactions because so many people are focused on a common hashtag. Our top tweet with 940 engagements was during a Mayo Clinic conference about individualized medicine.

individualized medicine tweet

Parenting tips provide shareable content and this tweet had 584 engagements.

Parenting tips tweet

Former Iowa State basketball coach Fred Hoiberg was one high-profile Mayo Clinic patient and this tweet had 748 engagements and 1,600 click-throughs.

Fred Hoiberg

Pets and sleep are popular topics. Put 'em together, and it's like mixing chocolate and peanut butter. No wonder this tweet got 6,900 click-throughs:

Pets and sleep tweet

This quote from our Mayo Clinic Radio show had 237 retweets.

Mayo Clinic Radio show tweet

As we saw with Facebook, medical illustrations perform well on Twitter. This one got 218 retweets...

Skin cancer awareness tweet

...and this one generated 1,300 click-throughs:

Sinus infection tweet

Good content lasts forever. We repeated this timeless tweet several times throughout the year, and it was popular each time.

Handwashing awareness tweet

Our team has been working with Mayo Clinic Proceedings to promote new research studies on social media and this one got 6,300 click-throughs.

Work burnout tweet

As we found with this topic on Facebook, this tweet was highly clicked (more than 1,600 times) but not frequently shared. Most folks want to keep fingernail concerns confidential.

Fingernail problems tweet

Coming Monday: Top Mayo Clinic YouTube videos of 2015.

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