December 7, 2015

New Name: Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Mayo Clinic ShieldsWe’re pleased to announce that after five years of parallel existence, the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (MCCSM) and our Social Media Health Network (SMHN) are now combined and represented by this new name: Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN). Note, too, that announcements and curated resources will now appear on Twitter from @MayoClinicSMN and tagged with #mcsmn (instead of #mccsm).

We created MCCSM in July 2010 to help internal Mayo Clinic stakeholders better understand and use social media with competence and confidence. Next, we formed SMHN so colleagues beyond Mayo could learn along with us and one another.

This structure made sense according to Mayo Clinic’s naming practices at the time. MCCSM and SMHN began with separate Web sites, but as we and technology have evolved, it made even more sense to merge these entities into one unified online community. Our new name reflects how we’ve evolved during the past five years:

  • Having Mayo Clinic in the name lets Mayo Clinic employees know this is an official Mayo-sponsored community. It's also meaningful for our external colleagues because, you know, Mayo Clinic.
  • Social Media is the broad category of online digital tools we’re exploring, and for which we provide educational resources and programs.
  • Network emphasizes that we’re a learning community, and how great ideas and insights can come -- and are welcomed -- from all members.

Yes, we did remove "health" from the new name because we immodestly believe that “Mayo Clinic” is synonymous with health, wellness, and healthcare.

We believe Mayo Clinic Social Media Network will communicate our mission more clearly and concisely, especially as we pursue collaboration with other companies and organizations. Your participation and input helped make this development possible, so many thanks for that.


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I like this new name, it makes sense. It will work well across all channels too!

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