Why You Should Be Using YouTube Cards

YouTube offers many different call-to-actions to help drive video viewers to your website. These days, Mayo Clinic uses their newest feature called Cards. (You may already recognize this term for digital ads from Twitter.) Cards are a more interactive and rich promotion option than traditional social media ads that are often promoted versions of static text or posts. YouTube Cards are absolutely free!

5 Reasons to Use YouTube Cards

  1. Viewable on both mobile devices and desktops – drives traffic to your website.
  2. Clean, uniform, sharp design – unobtrusive to viewers.
  3. Interactive: Pop-out window that provides more information.
  4. May have multiple Cards in your video – up to 5.
  5. Enhanced with an image – 145 x 145 pixels.

Card Features

  • “i”-circle icon only viewable for first 2 seconds of video and when the mouse hovers over the video.
  • “i”-circle icon only located on top-right corner during the video, with pop-out window screen using the right quarter of video viewer window.
  • Text pop-out can be placed at any time and run for approximately 5 seconds.
  • May have multiple Cards in your video (up to 5) but cannot display pop-out text simultaneously.
  • If “i”-icon is clicked it brings up a window pop-out of all Cards in video.
  • Include a live link (add tracking code!) to drive viewer to an external website or associated website.

Here's how to add YouTube Cards
First, select the “i”-circle icon under a video to get to the Card editor screen:

Cards IconNext,

  • Click the blue “Add card” button on the right-hand side of the video display.
  • Select the create button for “Link.”
  • Paste link (with tracking code) into the box and click “next.”

Card Editor ScreenThen, complete the information boxes:

  • Card Title: Use topic/site/blog you’re directing them to:
    • Pop-out window – below image and in bold text
    • 50 character limit
  • Call To Action: Ex: “Visit us and learn more.”
    • Pop-out window – under title
    • 30 character limit
  • Display Domain: Often auto-fills, uses domain from link.
    • Pop-out window – displays on bottom portion of image
  • Teaser Text: Ex: “Click here to learn more.”
    • Pop-up display text – in video
    • 30 character limit
  • Upload image: square image with strong, concise image

When finished, click the blue “Create card” button:

Card Text Editor

Next, drag the white tab to where you want it placed in the video. Note: It will auto save after a few seconds.

  • <5 minute video: Place 30-45 seconds before end of video.
  • +5-10 minute video: Place 2-3 minutes before end of video.
  • +10 minute video: Consider placing more than 1 card.

Place one midway through and another 2-3 minutes before end of video.

Card Position Screen

Card Screen Shots:

Pop-Up Text View
Pop-Up Text View
Pop-Out Window View
Pop-Out Window View
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How do you add YouTube cards to a video, anyway?
5 reasons why you should be using YouTube cards:
What are YouTube cards anyway, and how can they make your videos pop?

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