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August 27, 2015

In the Footsteps of Dr. Will

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Dr. Will in operating room in MelbourneWhen members of our Center for Social Media team travel to Australia for next week's International Healthcare and Social Media Summit in Brisbane, a.k.a. #MayoInOz, we'll be emulating our Mayo Clinic founders in their commitment to global outreach and networking.

And we'll be (almost) literally walking in the footsteps of Dr. William Mayo, who visited Australia and New Zealand in 1924 and spoke to more than 400 physicians at the Australasian Conference of the British Medical Association in Auckland.

Our pace of travel will be much quicker than his, however. As we learn from his report to the Mayo General Staff:

Dr. W.J. Mayo talked of his recent trip to Australia and New Zealand, taking up the more physical aspects of his journey. Concerning the medical profession, he did say, however, that as good surgery could be seen in Australia and New Zealand as anywhere in the world. The medical profession as a whole stands high, and the physicians have much political influence in the community. There is little quackery....The travel undertaken included about 15,000 miles by water, and 5,000 or more by rail and motor....In commenting on the voyage, he emphasized the loneliness of the Pacific Ocean, for in the six weeks at sea, they saw no vessels except in harbors. Not only is it lonely, but in the north and south it is also a rough ocean, disturbed by the winds which encounter no barrier as they sweep from the polar regions.

On Board NiagaraWe're delighted to have a 14-hour flight from Los Angeles instead of three weeks on a ship, although accommodations for Dr. Will's party on board S.S. Niagara offered much more leg room than we'll get on Virgin Australia.

Dr. Will used the most up-to-date means of communication available. His trip itinerary outlined a mailing schedule that had a bundle sent from Rochester, Minn. on March 1 to connect with the Mayo party in Auckland on April 15. An April 1 bundle would reach him April 26 in Honolulu. He also got mail for the train ride home from Vancouver on May 5.

Isn't it amazing how the pace of both travel and communication have changed in the last 91 years? Tomorrow we'll continue the contrast and discuss how you can participate virtually in some of the Summit events, even if you aren't going to take a plane or cruise ship to Brisbane.



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Lisa Wylde

Posts: 54
Joined: Jun 08, 2011
Posted by @Lisa_Wylde, Aug 27, 2015

This is a great post. I always complain about the 14 hour flight between Sydney and LA, but instead I should be grateful that it doesn’t take three weeks! All of us at APHA are looking forward to welcoming you and the Mayo team to Australia this weekend.

Posted by @MarieEnnisOConnor, Aug 28, 2015

14 hours – pah 😉 I’m gearing up for my 24 hour flight today from Dublin.
See you soon!

*Connect With Me*

Melissa Cadzow

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Joined: Aug 14, 2015
Posted by @mcadzow, Aug 28, 2015

Makes my 3 hour flight look short! I’m looking forward to next week’s conference. I expect to learn, laugh, think and engage. #safetravels

Janet Kennedy

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Joined: Feb 12, 2014
Posted by @jkennedy93, Aug 28, 2015

Hey @LeeAase and @Lisa_Ramshaw – Could you post a US time schedule of events for what’s going on at #MayoinOZ? I’d love to follow the Twitter activity and chime in (as long as it’s not 3:00am!)

Posted by @LeeAase, Aug 28, 2015

7 p.m. EDT is 9 a.m. the next day in Brisbane. So look at the calendar on the event site, and plan on probably chiming in during the evenings (but just remember we’ll be a day ahead.) So it all starts Monday evening in the U.S.

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