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July 27, 2015

Scaling Up Basic Social Media Training with Hootsuite

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network


As announced on the Hootsuite blog today, the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (#MCCSM) has entered into an agreement with Hootsuite to produce a new healthcare social media training program.

Providing training in social media best practices to our Mayo Clinic employees, and offering the same resources to peers in other healthcare organizations, has been part of our mission since Mayo Clinic leaders created #MCCSM in 2010.

Through our one-day Social Media Residency program, we’ve provided in-depth training to several hundred professionals in a classroom setting.

Our collaboration with Hootsuite now allows us to offer an enhanced version of our basic healthcare social media training on demand, and on a global scale.

Many participants in our programs have come from communications or marketing departments because those professionals typically lead their organizations’ social media initiatives. By offering Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits to physicians and allied health professionals, we expect to enable more providers to participate.

We’re delighted that this joint initiative with Hootsuite will help us better serve Mayo Clinic staff as well as the broad spectrum of healthcare professionals around the world.

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Kristine (KS) Austin

Posts: 28
Joined: Sep 04, 2014
Posted by @ksaustin, Jul 27, 2015

Huge congratulations!

Carry Gerber

Posts: 14
Joined: Mar 04, 2015
Posted by @CarryGerber, Jul 28, 2015

This is very exciting! Congrats to the whole team at #MCCSM.

Heather Marsh

Posts: 7
Joined: Jan 30, 2014
Posted by @heathersmarsh, Jul 29, 2015

Terrific news! Thanks for the continued hard work to keep us all engaged.

Meredith Cary

Posts: 9
Joined: Nov 28, 2014
Posted by @meredithcary, Jul 29, 2015

Wonderful! Let’s all work together to spread this great news!

Ray R. Lewis

Posts: 5
Joined: Jul 31, 2013
Posted by @rayrlewis, Jul 29, 2015

Are you aware of any social media training programs for Public Health professionals?
Social media will have a role If America is going to improve and maintain the health of our population and it seems this partnership of Hootsuite and Mayo Clinic’s MCCSM are well positioned to lead the way.

Posted by @LeeAase, Jul 29, 2015

I’m not personally aware of programs particularly for Public Health professionals. I do hope this program we’re developing will be helpful for this group, too.


Posts: 1
Joined: Feb 21, 2015
Posted by @miuru, Dec 4, 2015

Dear Lee
Could you kindly explain how you involve health care professionals in your
social media strategy to better serve patients?
Thank you

Miuru Jayaweera
Manager – PR and Social Media
Lanka Hospitals PLC
Colombo 5

Reed Smith

Posts: 107
Joined: Feb 07, 2011
Posted by @reedsmith, Aug 1, 2015

Lee, great stuff. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more.

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