“It’s unimaginable…how connected we are”

Wendy Sue Swanson.Border.450pxWendy Sue Swanson, M.D. (a.k.a. @SeattleMamaDoc) was our keynoter at this year's Mayo Clinic Health Care Social Media Summit, and we're delighted she'll also be among headliners for our First International Healthcare and Social Media Summit Sept. 1-2 in Brisbane, Australia.

This is an exciting time to discover and apply social and digital tools in health care. As Dr. Swanson, an #MCCSM Platinum Fellow, told us during her visit to Rochester:

"Things are really different, and because patients and families are seeking information in profound new ways, they are the ones leading the change and we are really tasked with changing and responding in a very rapid style....

When you care for any individual patient, you realize ways they are connected to so many others. And it's the journey in social tools in the last five, and even ten years, that has dramatically shifted the ability to build community, to resource and hack into your own healthcare, and for those of us who have been delivering and sharing what we know using social tools... it is unimaginable, in some ways, how connected we are."


Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media has made amazing connections by creating our Social Media Health Network (SMHN), attracting like-minded and active members such as the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA), which is hosting our summit in Brisbane.

Here are highlights of Dr. Swanson's Rochester keynote to whet your appetite for #MayoInOz:

We hope you'll join us in Australia!

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"It's unimaginable...how connected we are"
“It’s unimaginable…how connected we are”
“It’s unimaginable…how connected we are” | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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