June 18, 2015

Hashtag Reports Review: Tweetwall, Symplur and TweetReach

By MakalaArce


After this week's Social Media Summit, we decided to compare Tweetwall, Symplur, and TweetReach reports for the #MCCSM hashtag relative to accessibility, foci, and data. Accessibility for reports varies greatly among platforms.

Tweetwall only allows individual widget exports and Excel downloads.

Symplur offers a full transcript and analytics breakdown, neither of which is easily exported. For example, it takes multiple PDF exports to get an entire transcript. Our events Monday and Tuesday would require 10 separate PDF exports. But Symplur is free with public links and makes tweeting specific sections of the report very simple.

TweetReach offers the best export functionality, one that includes visuals.

Here are the metrics each service includes in “top” lists:


  • top 10 accounts by engagement (# of replies and retweets)
  • top 10 accounts by interactions (# of tweets)
  • top 10 accounts by # of followers


  • top 10 accounts by # of mentions
  • top 10 accounts by # of tweets
  • top 10 accounts by # of impressions


  • top 23 tweets by # of impressions
  • top 25 tweets by # of retweets
  • top 100 contributors by # of impressions
  • top 5 hashtags (by tweets and impressions)
  • top 5 URLs (by tweets and impressions)

Comparing Metrics
Tweetwall ranks top contributors by how many times they tweeted and number of followers. It fails, however, to combine all those numbers to provide top influencer data.

Both Symplur and TweetReach rank contributors by impressions, which is influenced by how many times individuals tweeted and replied, as well as follower numbers. TweetReach also includes top tweets. TweetReach offers more data per list and uniquely includes metrics on top hashtags and top URLs.

In terms of the numerical comparisons, Tweetwall cannot be included in direct comparisons, since the tweets per date range is not based on an absolute cutoff. Symplur and TweetReach, respectively, are easily compared:

  • 3,857 tweets to 3.9K tweets
  • 80 tweets/hour to 80 tweets/hour
  • 408 participants to 410 contributors
  • 9 tweets/participant to 9.4 tweets/contributor
  • 21,731,623 impressions to 18.4M impressions
  • Mayo Clinic’s impressions: 7,019,956 to 7,019,956
  • Out of the top 5 accounts by impressions, Symplur included @Buffer at 991,573, but TweetReach didn’t have @Buffer listed anywhere within the top 100. It appears TweetReach didn't pull in this tweet.

Tweetwall is a fee-based live aggregation and display tool. It does so in a clear, clean fashion, but does not compare in analytics to services that provide in-depth post-event reports. For that, I recommend Symplur, a free service provided for healthcare hashtags. Symplur's metrics are sufficient for a cursory metrics report. Symplur is also the best option if capturing a full transcript. Those who want -- and need -- more detailed and actionable results will benefit from using TweetReach, especially if there's budget money available for the service.









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Very interesting to see symplur on here – I was just trying out their platform last week!
I was attracted to their platform because it is health specific and can help to show where the conversation is already happening.

This is a good place to start engaging!

Liked by MakalaArce

Thanks for sharing this info, Makala! You’re perpetuating the impression I got at the Summit: This group is full of generous professionals sharing really helpful knowledge.

Liked by MakalaArce

Hi Makala,

Thanks for the wonderful writeup about TweetReach! Any readers are welcome to run a free report at TweetReach[dot]com, and find us on Twitter at @tweetreachapp or @UnionMetrics with any questions.

Thanks again!

-Sarah A. Parker
Social Media Manager | Union Metrics
Fine Makers of TweetReach and the Union Metrics Social Suite

Wow. This was super helpful.
Thanks for posting!!

Liked by MakalaArce

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