Up Periscope at Mayo Clinic

Periscope LogoToday Mayo Clinic takes another big step on our social media journey with the launch of our Periscope account.

Our Medical Director Dr. Farris Timimi and I will create the first Mayo Clinic Periscope broadcast. And we'll use this new platform to chat about next week’s Social Media Residency and Summit.

When: 12:15 (CDT); 1:15 PM (EDT); 10:15 AM (PDT)
Where: Watch for the @MayoClinic tweet when we're starting.

We also plan to livecast a few segments during Monday's Social Media Residency and Tuesday's Summit so those unable to join us in person can experience a bit of this #MCCSM program.

Periscope allows anyone with an iOS or Android phone to broadcast video instantly and directly -- livestream! And because it’s owned by Twitter and has app download momentum (relative to rival service, Meerkat) we think Periscope is the best choice for Mayo Clinic to explore this live video “space” (as they say in the business.)

You can watch Periscope live on your desktop or laptop. For the full experience (or to view the archived stream for up to 24 hours) get the app for iOS or Android. And then, search for the Mayo Clinic Periscope account and follow it to see what we're doing now and into the future.

You can also count on me updating this post with thoughts and observations after our first broadcast.

Update #1 (10:45 a.m. CDT): I tweeted SMHN Platinum Fellow Bryan Vartebedian, M.D. earlier today asking for his thoughts on Periscope, because he's interacted with some broadcasts I've done personally in the last couple of weeks. Here's what he said:

This has real potential, for sure. What’s interesting is to watch the experimentation happening with Periscope. Reminds me of early Twitter; people didn’t know what to do with it. But in the end we settled in. I think we’re at that spot with Periscope. I believe it will be really useful for a narrow set of instances. With that said, I’d like to see more experimentation from the health community.

  • Broadcasts have to be of some length to draw an audience and dialog. Quick on/offs might not work.
  • Remind everyone to keep their phones vertical when taping.
  • ‘Scheduling’ helps draw folks in. I tuned in to datapalooza when I knew you and Greg were going to be on.
  • Should be considered a real-time medium despite the capacity to store recordings for a limited time. I like to watch live. To me, watching a recording seems stale.
  • With any live broadcast we need to remain vigilant of privacy issues in health care settings. Ease of broadcast, while cool, can create some issues if we’re not thinking.

Good points. Experimenting in the health community is exactly what we're planning: starting in about 90 minutes.

Update #2 (1 p.m. CDT): The broadcast went well, with one minor glitch: I did it from my personal account instead of Mayo Clinic's. Better that mistake than the typically more notorious personal tweet being sent from an employer's account. We'll do another one fairly soon, and this time make sure it's on the right account. As we said in the broadcast, we're learning this together!

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Mayo Clinic just launched its Periscope account.

I’m super-over-the-top excited about seeing how this plays out. Hurting my neck from nodding as I read @bryanvartabedian‘s observations, especially those about the new pile o’ ethical and possible legal issues that are bound to emerge. And not for the first time I’m super-over-the-top proud to be a Platinum Fellow of the SMHN, among other Mayo-related identities.


Just downloaded my Periscope ios app! Standing by. Who’s recording for history? Oh, yeah, Periscope does that. But for just 24 hours? Much to learn here.


Love Periscope. I’m really hoping it can take off and people and institutions find unique ways to use it to engage their communities.

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