May 28, 2015

Mayo Clinic Tours During Social Media Summit

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Specialist

Attending June's Social Media Summit and want to learn more about Mayo Clinic?
Now's your chance! Sign up by clicking on links below.

Tours offered on:
Monday, June 15th at 4:30 pm
Tuesday, June 16th at 7:30 am

1) Mayo General Tour: General tour of the Mayo campus including the main downtown patient care buildings, Rochester Methodist Hospital and the history of Plummer Building. Learn about current activities at Mayo as well as the history behind many of its structures. Offered Monday afternoon.

2) Mayo Studio/Master Control Tour: The Mayo Clinic Video Production Unit supports a wide range of video requests from all Mayo Staff ranging from Patient and Staff Education, entertainment, media interviews, news conferences and live surgical broadcasts. The TV studio, combined with our video editing and Master Control, is able to create and distribute live and recorded video programming throughout Mayo Clinic and anywhere in the world via web or satellite uplink. Offered Tuesday morning.

3) Center for Innovation Tour: The CFI team develops ground-breaking solutions and facilitates the application of these discoveries in the practice of medicine. The Center for Innovation focuses on four platforms, each centered on human needs, the whole person, with a multidisciplinary team, internal and external collaborators, and a diverse portfolio of projects. CIF work to make the care more accessible, convenient and affordable across each platform. Offered Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

4) Heritage Hall Tour: Visit Heritage Hall and learn the story of Mayo Clinic. This museum uses various media to connect our history -- our current activities. vision for the future, and the vital role of philanthropy in advancing Mayo Clinic’s mission. Heritage Hall is located in the Mathews Grand Lobby of the Mayo Building. Offered Tuesday morning.

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