Guideline #3: Behave Like a Mayo Clinic Employee

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Our Social Media Guidelines for Mayo Clinic employees underscore the importance of clarifying that we speak for ourselves, not Mayo, during online conversations. But a disclaimer is neither a magic incantation nor “Get Out of Jail Free” card, thus guideline number three:

If you identify your affiliation to Mayo Clinic, your social media activities should be consistent with Mayo’s high standards of professional conduct.

During earlier days on the Internet, much of the conversation was anonymous. As the famous cartoon in The New Yorker put it, “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog.” With screen names like WildGuy55901 or LonelyGirl13, participants tended to behave less responsibly than if they had to stand – or be known – by their words.

Today, many social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn, require users to register with real names. In addition, profiles typically include personal information (e.g., location, educational institutions attended, employer). Given this reality, Mayo employees are expected engage on social media platform in a manner that reflects well on Mayo Clinic.

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Did you know that Mayo Clinic has an explicit policy on employee behavior on social media?
Are you publicly affiliated with Mayo Clinic? Your social media behavior needs to reflect that.
Does your behavior on social media reflect Mayo's high standards of public conduct? It needs to.

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