May 5, 2015

Mayo Clinic Health Care Social Media Summit | Afternoon Coaching and Consults

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Heading our list of goals for June's Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit is helping participants develop their strategic plans for choosing and using social networking tools. And to help achieve that goal, we've built in plenty of time for 1-to-1 and small group consultations.

Dr. Timimi and I are glad to welcome a strong consultant corps of specialists drawn from our External Advisory Board (EAB) members, Platinum Fellows, and our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media staff.

Together, we'll provide experienced insights and practical feedback on these topics as you refine your plan:

  • Analytics and Metrics
  • Budgets and Timelines
  • Internal Communications and Intranets
  • Online Community Development and Management
  • Social Advertising and Marketing
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Writing for the Web
  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Visual Social Media
  • Whatever social media and digital communications challenges are most important to you.

Our roster of consultants includes:

  • Kris Austin, MCCSM EAB Member and CEO of KS Austin Communications, which has created PR programs for clients like Stanford Healthcare, The Turek Clinic and EMQ FamiliesFirst.
  • Shawn Bishop, MCCSM Staff Member, who manages technical issues with our blogging and community platform
  • Chris Boyer, SMHN Platinum Fellow and Senior Vice President for ReviveHealth
  • Amanda Changuris, MCCSM EAB Member and a senior social media marketing analyst for Highmark, Inc.
  • Meredith Gould, SMHN Platinum Fellow and Editorial Director, and Editor of our first MCCSM book
  • Tony Hart, MCCSM Staff Member, who manages our Mayo Clinic YouTube channel and specializes in social media for Continuing Medical Education
  • Elizabeth Harty, MCCSM Staff Member, who specializes in internal communications and employee engagement
  • Dan Hinmon, MCCSM EAB Member and SMHN Community Director
  • Makala Johnson, MCCSM Staff Member, who specializes in Analytics and Metrics
  • Cynthia Manley, MCCSM EAB Member and Director of Strategic Marketing at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Greg Matthews, MCCSM EAB Member and a managing director at the W2O Group, where he created MDigitalLife
  • Lisa Ramshaw, MCCSM EAB Member and Director of Communications and Marketing for the Australian Private Hospitals Association. She's also the first to receive Silver Fellow recognition from SMHN.
  • Reed Smith, SMHN Platinum Fellow and Chief Social Strategist, Gray Digital Group
  • Colleen Young, MCCSM EAB Member and the Community Strategist for Canadian Virtual Hospice. She's also the founder of the Health Care Social Media Canada (#hcsmca) Twitter chat.

2015 Consultant Collage

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This is a terrific group of consultants! Really looking forward to the Summit.

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