April 22, 2015

Mayo Clinic Health Care Social Media Summit | Morning Session Case Studies

By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

We've designed this June's Health Care Social Media Summit for interaction, problem-solving, and community-building. Our morning will begin with a series of case studies.

First up: A lively conversation about the newly-designed website for the Social Media Health Network. The new site, scheduled to launch just before June’s Summit, is being redesigned to optimize user experience, mobile access, and community-building tools.

During this 30-minute session, members of the website redesign will devote 15-minutes of focused discussion on:

  • the strategic process, starting with a comprehensive audit of the existing site;
  • key documents generated and used by the team to get and stay on track; and
  • lessons learned along the way.

After that, get ready to ask questions, make comments, and share suggestions.

Next up: Lively, solution-oriented discussions about cases/situations attendees provide and present. Here’s how that will work. Among other requests for info we'll need to help make y(our) Summit great, the questionnaire you'll receive after registering includes an invitation to submit a case study. Be bold! Which social media efforts worked well? Which didn’t? Which, still in the works, could benefit from group experience and wisdom?

If selected, you’ll share your study with the room, then soak up the smarts as we facilitate questions and feedback.

Join us for the Summit!






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