April 14, 2015

June Social Media Summit Reflects “The Mayo Model”

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network


Thoughout our social media journey at Mayo Clinic, we're at our best whenever our strategies and actions align with the values and practices of our founders, Dr. William Mayo and Dr. Charles Mayo.

Today's digital online platforms make social networking much quicker and easier, but our core principles remain the same. To reflect this, we've structured June's Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit in alignment with how the Mayo brothers organized their practice. We could even call it “The Mayo Model of Conferences.”

True social networkers, Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie traveled throughout the U.S. and around the world as visiting professors, bringing back knowledge and best practices to apply here in Rochester, Minnesota. Their practice became known as "The Mayo's Clinic" because physicians would come from around the world to learn from them, too.

The Mayo brothers invented what’s become known as “The Mayo Model of Care.”

When patients arrive at Mayo they meet with a physician who will coordinate their care. That generalist takes a detailed medical history, schedules tests and exams with various specialists, and then recommends treatments or procedures based on that expert feedback, in consultation with the patient.

This model of care makes it possible for everything happen quickly and efficiently. Within just a few days patients and their caregivers typically have answers and a treatment plan.

Likewise, our goal for June's Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit is for you to return home with an actionable and measurable plan for using social media.

  • Monday’s Social Media Residency provides hands-on experience with social and digital tools, along with best practice recommendations. It’s especially helpful if you’re less experienced in social media and want to get up to speed quickly.
  • Tuesday’s Social Media Summit opens with several practical case studies, during which you'll be invited to share your knowledge and experience.
    • At noon, you'll be inspired by a keynote from Wendy Sue Swanson, M.D., “How 140 Characters Has Changed Healthcare.”
    • In the afternoon, you’ll meet in a small group with one of our MCCSM staff members and others who share your interests. First, you'll discuss problems you hope to solve and approaches you might consider. Then, you’ll have 1-1 and small group consultations with specialists drawn from our External Advisory Board members, Platinum Fellows and Mayo Public Affairs, to provide even more targeted recommendations.
    • You'll leave for home with an actionable, measurable plan or a very-near-final one to achieve key goals and deliver messages via social media.

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June Social Media Summit Reflects “The Mayo Model” | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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