Mayo Brothers Flex Against Colorectal Cancer #StrongArmSelfie


We’re excited about Monday's release of an original music video, part of our #StrongArmSelfie colorectal cancer awareness campaign with Fight Colorectal Cancer.

In addition to employees from all three Mayo Clinic campuses, it’s great to get the Mayo brothers involved, along with President Lincoln and Lady Liberty.

Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie were the original social networkers. Dr. Will travelled to 25 countries during his lifetime, connecting with other physicians to teach and to learn, and Dr. Charlie visited 9 countries. Both Mayo brothers answered the call to reduce the burden of disease everywhere, not just in their rural Minnesota practice. We believe they would have fully embraced social media – and probably would have used it innovatively.

Which brings us back to the #StrongArmSelfie campaign.

During last year’s Social Media Week, we agreed to become the official medical and social media sponsor for the @FightCRC campaign, which is part of its One Million Strong (OMS) movement inspired by the more than one million colorectal cancer survivors.

We contributed links to educational materials on colorectal cancer prevention and treatment. We produced a video about screening options featuring Gastroenterologist Paul Limburg, M.D. We posted one MCCSM staff selfie back in January!

And when we learned that Fight CRC national spokesman and recording artist Craig Campbell was writing and recording a special anthem to support the campaign, we volunteered to produce this video for it:


When he was just 11, Craig lost his father to colon cancer and, as a result, has become a strong proponent of screening and early detection. He’s donating all of the proceeds from downloads of “Stronger Than That” to support Fight Colorectal Cancer’s advocacy mission.

We invite you to join this campaign by:

  1. Sharing the “Stronger Than That” YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites. Remember to include the #StrongArmSelfie hashtag.
  2. Creating your own #StrongArmSelfie and posting it to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Vine. Bayer Healthcare is donating $1 to Fight CRC for each post, up to $25,000. If you post to Facebook, make sure it’s a public post, tag your friends and challenge them to join you.
  3. Encouraging your employees in creating your own “Stronger Than That” response video and sharing it on YouTube.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among cancers affecting both men and women. It’s also one of the most preventable, but one-third of adults who should be screened...haven’t. Please help us reduce cancer deaths by encouraging your loved ones, friends and colleagues to get safe, easy, and painless screening for colorectal cancer.

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Familiar with the #StrongArmSelfie campaign? You are now.
The Mayo Brothers are taking a stand against colon cancer - even from beyond the grave.
First there was the ice bucket challenge, then Giving Tuesday. Now there's #StrongArmSelfie.

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